b'Kate Alexander Greer ClaytonMy favourite colour schemes right now are ones that bring together both warm and cool. I loveSpending time in the sub Antarctic islands recently I have drawn myResene Triple Black Whitemixing hues of putty like Resene Calico or Resene Smooth Operator with crisp chalky whites likecolour inspiration from the heritage of this beautiful south sea paradise! Resene Resene Quarter Iron or Resene Black Haze. Resene Blackjack is still my go-to shade when I need a hitAlways a nod to nature the soft tones of Resene Emerge combinedBreezeof black without it being too sharp. For feminine rooms, I like to add in the biscuity hues of Resenewith stronger Resene West Coast sit happily with Resene Lynchpin andResene Wafer or Resene Lola. And my top green right now is the aptly-named Resene Green Pea; its full ofResene Kelp alongside Resene Triple Black White to enhance the naturalEmergepunch, but not so out there that it cant be used en masse. environment and bring a sense of our great outdoors indoors. MoreResene now than ever our homes are our castles, our sanctuaries and safeLynchpinReseneReseneReseneReseneplaces, where we love to hunker down and enjoy our bold surroundingsResene Black Haze Wafer Calico Green Peawith new colour combinations. West CoastReseneReseneReseneReseneResene Quarter Iron Smooth Operator Lola Blackjack KelpRight: Background in Resene Black Haze with painted pots in (clockwise from top) Resene Green Pea, Resene Wafer,Right: Background in Resene Breeze with painted objects in (clockwise from top) Resene Resene Calico, Resene Lola, Resene Quarter Iron, Resene Smooth Operator and Resene Blackjack. West Coast, Resene Triple Black White, Resene Kelp and Resene Lynchpin.ReseneReseneMegan Harrison-Turner ReseneAmber ArmitageLucky Point Indian Ink BreezeReseneIts great to see more people moving away from neutrals to put colour backThis collection of paint colours is the perfect palette with something for everybody. For the bold, they Bunting Resene onto their walls! Cool, gentle colours with a historic reference such as ReseneHalf Opal can choose the deep dark tones of Resene Dark Knight or Resene Olive Green as the main colour and Breeze, Resene Half Opal and Resene Half Duck Egg Blue have been popularResene Half accentuate with the lighter tones. Lovers of softer tones can build on a base of Resene Umber White in renovations and new builds Ive helped out with recently. These are easyDuck Egg Blue or Resene First Light. And for those who like to stay on trend, Resene Pewter and Resene Cashmere colours to coordinate with neutral finishes but add more ambience. A lot ofReseneare the ideal paint colours. Whichever way you use this palette, each of the paint colours complement dark colours are being used, too; namely blues like Resene Warrior, ResenePoet one another and you can even leave out any colours you dont love and it still looks amazing.Bunting and Resene Indian Ink. Im personally very excited about the lavenderResene and deep rich purple trends that are coming throughResene Lucky Point,HeartbreakerReseneReseneResene Resene Plum and Resene Enigma on the dark side and Resene HeartbreakerReseneUmber White Cashmere Olive Greenand Resene Poet on the lighter side. The darker ones are great evening coloursEnigmaReseneReseneResene for rooms to cocoon in like a bedroom, snug, TV room or glamorous bathroom. ReseneFirst Light Pewter Dark KnightPlumLeft: Background in Resene Breeze with painted objects in (from top left) Resene Bunting,ReseneLeft: Background in Resene Umber White with tray in Resene Pewter and vases in (clockwise from left) Resene Dark Resene Enigma, Resene Warrior, Resene Heartbreaker, Resene Plum and Resene Half Opal. Warrior Knight, Resene Cashmere, Resene Olive Green and Resene First Light.62| |63'