b'Resene Below left: Back wall in Resene Egg Sour withResenemini murals Paper Doll mural in Resene Paper Doll, Resene Coral Tree,HighballIf you want to make a statement in your space,Resene Avant Garde and Resene Nero, floor inResenelending an ear to the old adage a little goes aResene Colorwood Dark Ebony and chairs inHalf TruffleResene Resene Avant Garde. Pendant lamp, table, blackResenelong way could be just the ticket. For those withAvant Garde chair, vase and bowl from Good Form, art byIko Ikolarger open plan spaces, painting a full wall in aResene Brenda Clews.contrasting colour might not be an option. Instead,Egg Sour Below: Left wall in Resene Gothic and right wallResenePlantertry creating a mini muralone of the hottestin Resene Merino with mural in Resene Apache, trending ways to create a unique look and define aResene Bingo, Resene Gothic and Resene All smaller area within a greater space. Black. Side table from Good Form.Fromsmallandintricatedesignstolarger geometricorabstractshapes,theoptionsareResenevirtually endless when it comes to bringing someCoral Treeartistic licence to your walls with paint. No matter which design you choose, its always a good idea to mark out your plan on paper before you start, and mock-up your colours with Resene testpots on a large piece of card to ensure your palette goes well together. Once you grow in confidence with mini murals youll have all the skills you need to take on larger projects.Right:WallinReseneRiceCakewithtongue-and-grooveAbove: Lower wall in Resene Half Joanna with upper wall and toetoe in Resene panelling in Resene Smoke Tree and continuous line muralQuarter Alabaster, table in Resene Highball, sideboard in Resene Half Truffle and in Resene Midnight Express, floor in Resene Colorwood Midvases in Resene Iko Iko and Resene Planter. Chair and globe from French Country Greywash timber stain, coffee table, round vase and small plantCollections, cushion from Collect Living, rug from The Ivy House.pot in Resene Kabul, tall vase in Resene Grey Olive and coasters in Resene Indian Ink. Sofa from Nood, rug, plants and basketResene ColorwoodResene Resene Resenefrom Freedom Furniture, cushions and throw from H&M Home. Mid Greywash Nero Apache Half JoannaResene Resene Resene Resene Resene ReseneRice Cake Midnight Express Grey OliveGothic Bingo Quarter AlabasterResene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene Colorwood Smoke Tree Indian Ink KabulMerino All Black Dark Ebony50| |51'