b'block it out wild thingsColour blocking on walls has taken a turn towards more randomlyResene Straight out of the Sahara or extracted from the Amazon, jungle-inspiredplaced blocks of colour. Whether it is a large square of colour onRice Cake dcor is red hot. Whether youre drawn to leopard spots and zebra stripes a wall, a wide vertical stripe or a circular shape, the size and focusResene or leafy botanical prints, youll be spoilt for choice when on the lookoutare what draws in your attention, creating a focal point within theNocturnalResene for dcor that fits with this trend. room. Pair with a neutral backdrop so that its the block of colourGo for opulence over untamed by pairing these prints with gilded that shines. For those yearning for more colour, multiple colourCelloResene and glossy surfaces, especially on tables and animal-shaped totems or blocks can also be used, but the key is to give each enough room toEnigma statuettes in gold and black. Just like the jungle, wild style isnt for the breathe rather than filling up the whole space with shapes. faint of heart. Be brave and dont be afraid to bring in a few punches of your favourite vibrant colour, particularly reds, yellows or magentas in shades such as Resene Bullseye, Resene Galliano or Resene Geronimo as a finishing touch to seal the look.ReseneEighth Black WhiteResene Above: Keep your entryway in order by using painted colour blocks to cordon off a space for Half Black White each of your childrens belongings. Walls in Resene Rice Cake with colour blocked stripes and outside of cubbies in (from left to right) Resene Cello, Resene Enigma and Resene Quarter Resene New Denim Blue, inside of cubbies in Resene Rice Cake, floor in Resene Mountain Mist and Aviator coat rack in Resene Nocturnal. Above: Wall in Resene Jaguar. Furniture, art and Left: There cant be more of a quintessential take on colour blocking than a Mondrian-inspiredaccessories from Nood. ReseneResene design. Wall in Resene Eighth Black White with grid and shelf in Resene Blackjack and colourLeft: Start a jungle-inspired look with a paletteGallianoBlackjack blocks in Resene Jalapeno (red), Resene Aviator (blue) and Resene Galliano (yellow), timberbuilt from a warm Resene neutral like Resene floorboards in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, duck mat in Resene Black White and vaseDouble Biscotti on the right wall teamed with an in Resene Half Black White. Tub, bath filler, vanity, basin and faucet from Plumbing World. earthy olive like Resene Olive Green on the left Resene wall. Furniture, art and accessories from Nood.Black WhiteChoose Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen as the Resene base for your colour block and it will workResene Resene Resene ReseneJalapeno just like a chalkboard. Leave notes or remindersMountain MistDouble Biscotti Olive Green GeronimoResene Colorwoodfor your family members, then simply wipe it withResene Quarter Resene ReseneMid Greywash a damp cloth whenever you want a clean slate. New Denim Blue Bullseye Jaguar48| |49'