b'Emily Somerville-Ryan Reseneget decorating ReseneQuarter Concrete SazeracThe colours I am absolutely loving at the moment are the gorgeous rangeReseneFor more colour inspiration check of greyish-blues available in the Resene colour range. Hues like ReseneRakaiaHalf Dusted Blue and Resene Half Gull Grey are peaceful and gentle. ItReseneout the latest Resene The Range is said that blue has the power to reduce stressand a soothing colourPumice fashion colours fandeck for a that helps calm the mind and reduce anxiety is just the tonic we needReseneTry out your favourite colours copy at your Resene ColorShop or reseller orcollection of on trend colours and in our lives right now! These tones are brilliant in larger areas as theyGreen Spring Resene testpots are the best way to try outview on the Resene website, perennial favourite hues at your bring a bright freshness to a room but still hold a lot more personalityReseneyour colour choices. Available at your Resenewww.resene.com/recommendedpaints. local Resene ColorShop or reseller.than a typical off-white. When it comes to smaller, intimate spaces orPaddock ColorShop and reseller, or order online atReseneshop.resene.com/testpots. Enjoy Resene cardholder discountsfeature walls, however, you can be a lot braver and use bolder blues likeChelsea Gem Sign up for a Resene DIY Card and enjoy the wonderful Resene Excalibur or Resene Time After Time. Furnish yourThousands of Resene colours are also available space with similar tones and set the look off with splashes of contrastingReseneas A4 screen-printed paint swatches, knowndiscounts on a wide range of products.Cabbage Pont as drawdowns. You can order these from theYou can sign up free in-store or online at brilliance using colours like Resene I Dare You and Resene Havoc throughResenewww.resene.com/diycard.Resene website, www.resene.com/drawdowns, small statement pieces like chairs or cushions. These are happy hues andMelle van Sambeek Mangrove or browse through the in-store library of will add some playfulness and joy onto your lovely calm blue backdrop. All my recent Resene colour favourites are similar to those I wear on repeatswatches at Resene ColorShops and resellers. Find your nearest Resene ColorShopBelow: Background in Resene Dusted Blue with large bowl in Resene Half Gull Greyin my wardrobeshowing just how much that fashion and interiorsor reseller and vases and pots in (clockwise from top) Resene Waikawaalways have a place together. Resene Chelsea Gem is a warm rust toneNeed more colour advice? Simply visit www.resene.com/colorshopsGrey, Resene Havoc, Resene Hammerhead and Resene Solitude. that is on trend in wardrobes as well as interiors. It looks great pairedTry out the free Resene Ask a Colour Expertor call 0800 737 363 (NZ)ReseneResene with cream, soft caramel and beige and used with black as an accentservice at www.resene.com/colourexpert. or 1800 738 383 (Australia).Solitude Havoc colour. Khaki green Resene Cabbage Pont is always a fail-safe classic toOr book a colour consultation, virtual Resenehave in your wardrobe. It takes a brave spirit to paint khaki on your walls,wherever you are or at home visits in selectedGet more inspirationHalf Gull Grey however, when used as an accent to support a lighter shade like Reseneareas at www.resene.com/colourconsultation. For more inspiration on fresh trends, colours ReseneGreen Spring or Resene Mangrove, it helps make for a beautiful, moodyand wallpapers, see the latest looks on the Half Dusted Blue Resene spaceespecially in a bedroom. Resene Rakaia is a beautiful soft greyNeed technical advice?Waikawa Grey Resene website, www.resene.com/latestlooks, Resenethat goes with anything and everything. A little more exciting than a plainTry out the free Resene Ask a Technical Expertget a taste of the latest wallpaper releases,Remember you only get authentic Resene Dusted Blue white, it makes a great backdrop for art and furniture. If you dare, take itservice at www.resene.com/technicalexpert. www.resene.com/wallpaper and visit yourcolours when you use Resene tinters in Resene Reseneup onto the ceiling as well, especially if you have decorative elements likeResene ColorShop or reseller. paint bases. Resene decorative tinters with Time After Time crown mouldings, as it will make them stand out even more. Find the right paint for your projectReseneFor gorgeous home projects, themes andno added VOCs and the true Resene colour Excalibur Resene Above: Background in Resene Rakaia with placemat in Resene Chelsea Gem, largeSee the Resene Recommended paint systemscolour ideas, visit www.habitatbyresene.com. formulations are unique and only available from I Dare You vase in Resene Cabbage Pont, small vase in Resene Pumice, coaster in Resene Paddockbrochure for the right paints to use on yourFor how to projects and videos, check out theResene. So, make sure you insist on genuine Resene Hammerhead and coat peg in Resene Quarter Concrete. home projects, inside and out. Pick up a freeResene website www.resene.com/projects. Resene products and tinters for your project. 64|'