b'ReseneSolitudedifferent strokesReseneBubble White Painterly strokes have been showing up on home dcor items and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Muted, seemingly semi-transparent watercolour Resene washes, frequently taking the form of plants or dreamy landscapes, are particularly Half Copyrite easy to find on bedding and accent cushions. For a pretty twist on the trend, why not take this look to your walls?Resene Using Resene FX Paint Effects medium mixed with Resene Tussock, Resene Cobblestone Saratoga, Resene Elephant, Resene Pirate Gold, Resene Calico, Resene Cobblestone and Resene Bubble White, this room-defining paint effect was inspired by the Resene cushion on the blue velvet chair. The key to nailing it is not to overthink your Tussock brushstrokes. Keep movements soft and fluid and work up your layers. Use a high-quality painters brush for the main piece and then add in the finer details with a Resene small flat artists brush. Before you start painting your masterpiece straight onto the Saratoga a twist on terrazzowall, mock it up on a large piece of paper first and try it out in different placements around the room to ensure youve got it in just the right spot. Terrazzo continues to be a popular choice for interiors, but finding the right terrazzo tile colour, shape or price can be challenging. A simpler and more economical option is to useResene ReseneLeft: Wall in Resene Solitude with watercolour style mural inpaint to create a similar effect on your walls or floor. This effectAlpaca TangaroaResene FX Paint Effects medium tinted to Resene Tussock, Resenewont break the budget and can be easily changed out if your Saratoga, Resene Elephant, Resene Pirate Gold, Resene Calico, Resene Cobblestone and Resene Bubble White, floor in Resenetastes shift.Chino, sideboard in Resene Elephant with drawers in ReseneTo create this trendy stone look, youll need a high-qualityAbove left: For a larger scale stone look that evokes elegant marble,ReseneHalf Copyrite and handles in Resene Chino, coffee tables inpaintersbrushandfourResenecolours.WeusedResenetry a statement wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection PO32-VD4. Sofa,UrbaneResene Saratoga (large) and Resene Tussock (small), tall jug vaseAlpaca, Resene Tom Tom and Resene Urbane for our mis- coffee table and chair from Good Form, throw, bowls and shelf from (with eucalyptus) in Resene Half Copyrite, other vases in ReseneReseneElephant, Resene Tussock, Resene Gimblet and Resene Calico,matched stone, with Resene Jaguar for the base colour. TheCitt, dress and cup from Father Rabbit.Tom Tomtea light holder in Resene Kombi and coaster in Resene Solitude.trick to making it look authentic is to not be too precise.Above middle: Back wall in Resene Jaguar with terrazzo tile effect inReseneChair from Freedom Furniture, cushion and throw from Adairs. Terrazzo, by its nature, is random and unstructured. MakeResene Alpaca, Resene Tom Tom and Resene Urbane, floor in ReseneHigh TideRight:GetthelookofpainterlysplatterswithResenesure you have a mix of larger shapes and smaller shapes, someMercury, left wall, vanity and large coat peg in Resene Tangaroa andReseneWallpaper Collection 530834. with sharp edges and others with curved edges. Space themright wall and ladder in Resene High Tide. Basin and mixer fromJaguarPlumbing World.randomlysome close and others further apart and allowReseneResene Resene Resene Above right: For a smaller scale look, try Resene Wallpaper CollectionMercuryChino Calico Kombi your colour patterns to be strategically random. Start with220185 or 220186and you need not limit it to walls, either. Apply Resene Resene Resene your base colour and then faintly mark your terrazzo shapespieces that have been trimmed to size to coffee table tops, corkboards, Gimblet Pirate Gold Elephant over the top with pencil, followed by paint. room dividers or drawer fronts.44| |45'