b'day and nightWhen we used to spend more time away from home, you may have only enjoyed your Resene colour choice in the morning, at night and on weekends. Now with a change in schedules and how we work you may be seeing more of your colour palette during full daylight. Like this dining room, the colours and mood can change considerably between day and night, which can be played up or down with your choice of accessories and artificial lighting. If you like to entertain at different times of the day, consider having one set of casual accents to decorate with for when folks come over for weekend lunches and another set of elegant items to impress at evening meals. And make sure you test your colours during the day and night before making your final choice. Left: Left wall in Resene Ottoman and right wall intop tipResene Celtic. Sofa, coffee table and plant pot fromTry to have a mix Domo, art and bowl from Nood, side table, plate and bowl from ECC, squirrel planter and dog vase fromof lighting in your WORLD, printed cushion from Citt, velvet cushionsspace, including from Mood Store, clock from Republic. ambient lighting Right:BackwallinReseneCelticandsidewalls(such as overhead inReseneOttoman.Diningtableandrugfromlights), accent lighting MoodStore,diningchairs,candlesticks,clockand(to play up art and art from Nood, pendant lamps from Republic, rabbitarchitectural details) andgorillalampfromWORLD,swirlcandleholders from ECC. and task lighting to illuminate what youll be doing in the space (such as purposefully Resene Resene placed table or Ottoman Celtic ReseneParis White pendant lamps).58| |59'