b'Resene check mate ReseneLone Ranger Black WhiteReseneBlackWhitehasbeenaperennial favourite in the Resene top 20 colours. Classic, timeless and simple, Resene Black White makes a great base you can build upon. The trick to warming up and bringing outResenethe best in Resene Black White is combining itSaltpanwith other warmer Resene whites and greys. In this space, layers of Resene Westar, Resene Saltpan,ReseneDoubleSeaFogandResene Quarter Chicago accomplish just that alongsideReseneslightly pink Resene Despacito and slightly celeryTerrainResene Celeste.The subtle checkerboard pattern on the floor was created using two strengths of the same colourResene Black White, both in full strengthReseneandtriplestrengthaddinginterestwithoutDouble Sea Fogtaking over and visually overwhelming the room.Resene Triple Above: Background in Resene Half Wood Bark with cut drawdown paint swatches (from topWarmer hues are added through key pieces ofBlack Whiteto bottom) in Resene Zulu, Resene Antidote, Resene Sorrell Brown and Resene Lone Rangerfurniture: an almond-toned sofa, a coffee tableResene and plant pot in Resene Antidote. painted in Resene Westar and a rattan pendantWestarLeft: Wall in Resene Thorndon Cream and timber floor in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt. Mirrorlamp painted in Resene Despacito. Resenefrom Mood Store, chair, cushions, rug, lamp and collared vase from Citt, art by George SandDespacitoStudio from endemicworld, sideboard from King Living, stone bust from WORLD, coffee tableRight:Wall,skirtingboardandshelfinReseneBlackReseneand vase from Domo, sandals from Marle, vase on coffee table from Simon James Design. White, floor in Resene Black White and Resene Triple BlackCelesteWhite, jug vase in Resene Gumboot and Resene BlackReseneWhite, large bowl in Resene Saltpan and Resene Gumboot,Quarter ChicagogeometricplantpotsinReseneSaltpanandResene ReseneResene Resene Quarter Chicago, ombre plant pot in Resene Celeste (top),ReseneThorndon Cream Antidote Zulu Resene Terrain (middle) and Resene Cobblestone (bottom)CobblestoneResene ColorwoodResene Resene Half and woven pendant lamp in Resene Despacito. Sofa andReseneRock Salt Sorrell Brown Wood Bark cushions from Me & My Trend, ottoman from Mocka. Gumboot12| |13'