b"stylists' Annick Larkin for colour inspiration with moody greens and earthy huesReseneResene ReseneI often turn to nature dominating my palette choices this season. From sage to moss to the more saturatedSaltpanhues of lush foliage, green is a colour I always associate with tranquillity and rest. I loveZuluto use Resene Gecko, Resene Juniper and Resene Balderdash to create spaces that feel natural, organic and restful. Forest-harvested hues and textures work well together or when paired with my all-time favourite colour, Resene Zulu. Nothing turns up theOttomancolour loves temperature of a room better than its warm, elegant hue and its richness and depthReseneResenemakes it a beautiful alternative to the fashionable taupe greys of yesteryear. Juniper Green Meets ReseneBlueBalderdashRight: Background in Resene Balderdash with painted accessories in (clockwise from left) ReseneResene Juniper, Resene Saltpan, Resene Green Meets Blue, Resene Ottoman and Resene Gecko. GeckoVanessa Nouwens Gem AdamsI love this palette as a stylish and classy twist on a monochromatic scheme.ReseneWith more time spent at home, along with the rest of the country I gotResene If you tend towards a minimalist style and single hue palettes but areCut Glass itching to do a little change up around the house. We recently welcomedMoon Mistlooking for something a little different and warmer and with a slightResenea new member to our whnau, but I hadn't got around to decorating aResene dose of colour then Resene Rhino, Resene Quarter New Denim Blue,Iron space that was just for our new son, Sunny. I chose Resene Eagle for theBlank CanvasResene Grey Chateau and Resene Iron make for a lovely colour combo,Resenewalls as a subtle base while Resene Hemlock on the floor grounds it. I amResene Grey Chateau Eagleparticularly in a living room or bedroom. Softer than navy, Resene RhinoReseneplanning on creating some custom art using Resene testpots, including theResene is a beautiful inky blue which looks stunning when teamed with a softCasper aptly named Resene Blank Canvas, as well as Resene Possessed. Of course,Hot Toddygrey like Resene Grey Chateau or Resene Iron. To keep the space tonalResene Quarterwecan'tgopastalittlesunshineforourSunnyboy,addinginsomeResene yet interesting, try adding Resene Quarter New Denim Blue as an accent.New Denim Blue Resene Hot Toddy too. HemlockTeam it with a stunning moody piece of art and some greenery and youReseneResene will have a beautiful, relaxing space to wind down in. Rhino PossessedLeft: Background in Resene Quarter New Denim Blue with painted accessories in (from topLeft: Background in Resene Eagle with painted objects in (clockwise from top right): Resene centre) Resene Cut Glass, Resene Iron, Resene Grey Chateau, Resene Rhino and Resene Casper. Blank Canvas, Resene Hemlock, Resene Moon Mist, Resene Possessed and Resene Hot Toddy.60| |61"