b'If youre looking to adopt a more optimistic mood in yourRight:Heartpumping home, look to rich warm colours, bold patterns, shapes andfeel-good hues ReseneRedOxidewas Trend:textures. Yellows, oranges and reds do the job like no otherTrending sunshiny yellows come as a ray of positivity in aused for the lower wallTrend:sunny watercolourwhen it comes to bringing cheeriness and energy to enlivenworld that is increasingly challenging. According to colourand floor in this romantictide line effectsdayroom.TheupperSee page 47See page 44 and invigorate a space. experts, no hue expresses hope and reassurance more thanwallinReseneSoothe yellow. Building a scheme anchored with soft and butterykeeps the rich red from Resene shades like Resene Mellow Yellow, Resene Chenin, Reseneoverwhelming the space. Gin Fizz Essential Cream and Resene Chamois is an easy way to add aDrawers, cushion, throw andheadboardfrom Resene refreshing burst of brightness to our homes.Citt, coffee table from Manuka Honey Yellow is also known to bring out the best in other colours.Good Form, art by Runa Resene and Holly.side up Golden Sand Resene If your current scheme could use a pick-me-up, what betterBelow right: Fresh and way than with a cheerful corn-coloured cushion, art, picture frame or throw? Use softer shades like Resene Sweet Cornsummery,thisliving Resene roomsootheswith Chenin and Resene Manuka Honey as accents to duck egg blues,wallsinReseneMoon Influential earthygreysorolivegreenslikeReseneDuckEggBlue,Glow(left)andResene Resene Resene Schooner or Resene Quarter Grey Olive. Or, stick withFirst Light (right) and a Laser classic mustards like Resene Cleopatra or Resene InfluentialfloorinReseneOrchid with sapphire blues, greyed whites or coffee browns. White.Sofa,coffee table,basket,vaseand cushions from Citt.Left: Walls in Resene Chenin, floor in Resene Mellow Yellow, sideboard intop tip Resene Double Spanish White, coffee tables and small accessories in Resene Stinger, Resene Mellow Yellow, Resene Chenin, Resene Gin Fizz, ReseneYellows intensify more than any other colour when used inside.ReseneLaser, Resene Golden Sand and Resene Double Spanish White and pictureConsider choosing a lighter shade of your favourite yellow forOrchid White frame in Resene Blank Canvas. Sofa from Freedom Furniture. large areas. Test your colour before you commit by painting theReseneentire contents of a Resene testpot using two coats onto anSootheResene Resene A2 card, leaving an unpainted border around the edge. MoveResene QuarterMoon Glow Blank Canvas it around your space at different times of the day and eveningGrey OliveResene Resene to see how it looks in different lighting. Roll the sample withResene First LightCleopatra Duck Egg Bluethe colour innermost and look down into the tube to see how Resene Resene the colour will look once all four walls are painted. ReseneDouble Spanish White Essential Cream SchoonerResene Resene Resene Resene ReseneMellow Yellow Stinger Chamois Sweet Corn Red Oxide20| |21'