b'cool Trend: textured wallsOne of our all-time favourite classic colourstrending colours, todays popular blues aretop tip fromyour See page 18has been making a huge buzz: blue. Evocativedusty in naturelike a sky just before duskContinue your chosen of the sea and the sky, the colour blue bringsor a favourite pair of well-loved denim jeans.lightblue together the deepest depths of the ocean withThismovetowarddesaturatedshadeshaswalls onto your ceiling the lightness of the seventh cloud. It stands forbeenslowlyoccurringacrossthespectrumtosoftentheroom integrity,power,tranquillityandhealthandisover the past few years, in large part drivenedgesforamore considered as beneficial to the mind and body. by the desire to return our homes to calming,cocooning space.Blue is one of those hues that always seemsrestful spaces.and calming to be relevant, and its wide range of appealingSince Pantone announced Classic Blue as hues offer so much diversity, which makes it easyits top colour pick, dark, moody blues withReseneto keep finding fresh and exciting alternativeshints of cobalt have been very much on trendTriple Rice Caketo the shades of years past. Like many otherglobally. Looking ahead we are heading into a lighter and airier direction moving forwardResene Halfin our part of the world.Duck Egg BlueLeft: Duck egg blues are timeless, but that doesnt meanIn lives full of busyness and interruptions, they cant be the base of a trend-forward space too.light blue helps us filter out the noise andResene Pair them with accents in a trendy terracotta like ReseneCelesteSante Fe on the stool and Resene Kalgoorie Sands on thefocusonwhattrulymatters.Lightblue bowl, a deeper greyed green blue like Resene Inside Backbrings a sense of calm and stability we all on the sideboard and finish the look with sharp blackdesperatelycrave.ItpromoteshealingandReseneand white accessories. Walls in Resene Duck Egg Blueunderstanding and helps us switch to a moreMountain Mistwith paint effects finish for visual texture created usingmindful mindset. Resene FX Paint Effects mixed with Resene Rolling StoneReseneand floor in Resene Half Villa White. Art from FatherPopularblueshavealsotakenongreenRolling StoneRabbit, rug from Me & My Trend, lamp from Paper Plane. undertones, with Resene Green Meets Blue,Above: Green-blues are ideal for spaces you want to relax in, such as bedrooms, living Resene Dark Slate and Resene Jurassic beingrooms and bathrooms. Wall in Resene Ziggurat, floor in Resene Mountain Mist, plant amongthemostcovetablevariations.Trypot in Resene Celeste, coasters in Resene Rolling Stone, oval tray in Resene Half DuckReseneResene HalfResene them with stone greys like Resene Pale Slate,Egg Blue and DIY art in Resene Celeste, Resene Blue Bayoux, Resene Rolling Stone,Blue BayouxVilla White Sante Fe Resene Triple Rice Cake and Resene Nero. Sofa, tables and selected cushions from Resene Resene Resene sharp yellow whites like Resene Rice Cake orNood, rug, plants and selected cushions from Freedom Furniture. ReseneDuck Egg Blue Rice Cake Kalgoorie Sands soft grey greens like Resene Aspiring. For aDark SlateResene Resene pop of interest, bring in small accents of bitterResene Resene ReseneAspiring Inside Back orange, rich ochre or peridot green such asZiggurat Flourish Green Meets BlueReseneResene Resene Resene Mai Tai, Resene Pirate Gold or ReseneResene Resene NeroPirate Gold Mai Tai Flourish to finish the look. Pale Slate Jurassic2| |3'