Resene Eco.Decorator Code of Practice

Obligations of the Resene Eco.Decorator

Resene Eco.Decorators
  • To provide painting and decorating services in a professional business-like manner consistently delivering (in a manner acknowledged by customers) the tenants of the Resene Eco. Decorator programme - craftsmanship and conformance with the Resene Eco.Decorator sustainable work practices code.

  • To provide clearly defined quotations to protect, decorate and preserve homes, buildings and facilities, and undertaking and completing all works as defined therein, to AS/NZ 2311:2009 “Guide to the painting of buildings” as a minimum standard.

  • To maintain regulatory, insurance and licensing requirements in the areas that business is conducted.

  • Acknowledge the obligation to the Resene Eco.Decorator brand, by maintaining consistent professional standards as required by the programme, and promoting the programme to customers, the industry and related groups.

Obligations to the Resene Eco.Decorator Customer

  • To conduct business operations in accordance with the highest professional and industry standards.

  • To maintain the personal and property rights of customers, and the general public in accordance with all applicable laws, Acts of Parliament, Health and Safety regulations, Insurances, and all other matters required when providing a professional painting and decorating service.

  • To faithfully fulfil all contracts.

  • Dispute resolution must be entered into in good faith as a priority issue, with a response time to customers (applicable to Resene Eco.Decorators and Resene) of no more than two working days (from each contact).

Obligations by Resene to Resene Eco.Decorators

  • Manage the Resene Eco.Decorator programme providing inclusion and advancements to enable benefits and opportunities for Resene Eco.Decorators to add value to their services to customers and their business.

  • Provide innovative solutions which enhance value.

  • Where Resene is contacted by a customer to assist in dispute resolution, Resene will include the Resene Eco.Decorator in any/all discussions and be inclusive in its approach in achieving a solution.