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Halloween ideas

Painting three ways - projects from Womans' Day magazine

Have fun with family and friends with these colourful halloween ideas from Vanessa Nouwens

Paint halloween style tin cans for tennis ball bowling

Turn a terracotta pot into a halloween painted treat pot

Turn a terracotta pot into a halloween painted treat pot

1. Toss a tin

What you’ll need

  • 6 recycled tins (all the same size)
  • Resene testpot paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tennis ball

Paint halloween style tin cans for tennis ball bowling


Create a fun colourful game that you can play for Halloween treats. Paint each of your cans in two coats of your chosen Resene colour. Vary the colour for different cans so you will have a good mix of colours in your final stack. I used Resene Lima, Resene Ecstasy, Resene Black, Resene Daisy Bush and Resene White. Using a fine paintbrush and the Resene testpots, paint a face onto each can. Allow to dry. Stack cans on table ready for some colourful Halloween fun! If you knock them all down in one hit using the tennis ball you get a treat.

2. Casper coasters

What you'll need:

  • MDF coasters
  • Resene testpot paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Vinyl sticker sheet
  • Scissors

Paint halloween ghost coasters with your family


Gather the family and get each family member to paint their own ghost coaster. Paint your coasters in two coats of Resene White. Draw a ghost shape onto a piece of sticker vinyl. Cut out and stick down onto the white painted coasters. Press firmly around the edges so you don’t get any paint seepage. Paint your coasters in two coats of Resene Black paint, painting over the vinyl. Once touch dry, peel the stickers to reveal the white ghost shapes. Paint the ghost faces using a fine brush and Resene Black. For extra Halloween fun, paint over the Resene Alabaster with Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint. Leave to dry in the light and then turn the lights out to see the ghosts glowing softly at night.

3. Terracotta treat

What you'll need:

  • 15cm terracotta pot
  • 17cm terracotta pot saucer
  • 5cm long dowel 15mm in diameter
  • Resene testpot paints

Turn a terracotta pot into a halloween painted treat pot


Create a treat pot that will look as good on your table as it will handing out treats. Paint your terracotta pot, saucer and piece of dowel in two coats of Resene Ecstasy. Paint your pumpkin face with Resene Black using a thin paintbrush. Glue the piece of dowel to the saucer to make the stem. Add treats ready for Halloween. Once Halloween is finished, keep it for next year or repaint it with other favourite Resene testpot colours and use it for your Christmas treats.

Words and pictures by Vanessa Nouwens. November 2021.

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