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School holiday craft

Painting three ways - projects from Womans' Day magazine

Emily Somerville- Ryan shows us how to splash some colour around our homes these holidays

1. Paper roll pals

What you’ll need: 

Resene testpot paints, Paper rolls, Card, Craft glue, Scissors, Shredded paper, Pencil, Jumbo paddle sticks, Paintbrush, Twine.

Paper roll pals, horses, foxes and mermaids.


For the horses, cut a circle out of card slightly larger than your paper roll circumference, cutting a small cross slit into the centre. Trim a bunch of shredded paper to 10cm in length. Twist one end of the bunch into a point and pull it through the cross slit of the card circle and glue to the other side of the circle. Once dry, fasten it into the inside of one end of your paper roll with glue. Draw two identical horse heads onto card, with the base of the neck 4.5cm wide. Cut some shredded paper 5cm in length and glue one end of it along the back of the neck of one of the horse heads.

Glue the other head piece on top leaving an unglued 1cm strip along the base of the neck to use as a tab. Fold the tabs apart. Cut a 4.5cm slit along the paper roll at the opposite end to the tail. Slide the horse head into the slit and glue the tabs in place. For the legs, take four jumbo paddle sticks and cut to 9.5cm in length rounding it off at the end. Glue all four legs to the paper roll. Once the glue is dry, paint the entire horse.

I have used Resene Cabaret (pink) and Resene Energy Yellow. Finally tie a piece of coloured twine onto each horse for a bridle. For the other characters I have used Resene Sunrise (orange), Resene Eighth Black White, Resene Triple Dune (black), Resene Keppel (blue), Resene Tacao (skin) Resene Wham (green), Resene Silver Aluminium, Resene Cabaret (pink), Resene Boogie Wonderland (purple) and Resene Solid Gold.

2. Breakfast trays

What you’ll need: 

Resene testpot paints and Resene Aquaclear, Pine slab W180 x D18 x L900mm, 4 x Handles , Washi tape, Drill, Ruler, Pencil, Paintbrush.

Colourful breakfast trays


Buy a length of 90x18x1.8cm pine and cut it down the middle into two 45x18cm pieces. Drill two holes 3cm in from each end and 4cm from the top and bottom, for 10cm long handles. Measure and mark along each side of the wood at 11.25cm intervals. Rule a diagonal line from point to point and repeat until you have four pencil lines across your wood.

Mask each stripe with Resene washi tape and paint with two coats of Resene Cabaret, Resene Energy Yellow, Resene Sunrise, Resene Wham and Resene Keppel. Leave one of the stripes on each tray natural. When paint is completely dry, coat with Resene Aquaclear waterborne urethane varnish. Once dry, secure your handles into place through the previously drilled holes.

3. Stationery caddy

What you’ll need: 

Resene testpot paints and Resene sealer, 1 x Milo tin, 4 x fruit tins, 2 x pineapple tins, Drill, Split pins, Paintbrush, Pencil.

Bright Stationery caddy


Paint two coats of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer onto one large and six small tins. When dry, drill a single hole, 2cm from the top in the small tins and 6 evenly spaced holes around the large tin 3.5cm from the top.

Paint each tin in different colours and patterns. I’ve used, Resene Sunrise (orange), Resene Cabaret (pink), and Resene Wham (green) for my stripes and Resene Keppel (blue), Resene Eighth Black White, and Resene Energy Yellow for my spotted tin. Once all the tins have dried, fasten the smaller tins to the large centre tin with a single split pin through the drilled holes.


Resene Cabaret

Emily Somerville-Ryan. November 2020.

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