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This Christmas

Painting three ways - projects from Woman's Day magazine

Add some cheer to your home with these crafty ideas inspired by festive season colours from Emily Somerville-Ryan

Bespoke Christmas wrap

Bespoke Christmas wrap

Give your gifts a personal touch with handmade wrapping paper. For stripy candy cane wrap, take a roll of plain brown paper and on the glossy side, attach low tack washi masking tape diagonally from corner to corner of the paper, at even intervals. Paint brown paper with Resene Alabaster or Resene Red Hot. Once dry, carefully peel off tape and decorate the gift with ribbon.

For splatter paper, lay out a large ground sheet or newspaper. Using same brown paper, dip a paintbrush in Resene Alabaster and flick brush over your other hand, splattering your paper. Repeat with Resene Red Hot. Let dry, then wrap presents and tie with sparkly ribbon.

What you'll need: Resene testpot paints – we used Resene Alabaster and Resene Red Hot, brown paper and masking tape.

Bauble bunting

Bauble bunting

Hang ornaments from a string of wooden beads to create an adorable space with this festive modern garland. Paint every second bead with Resene Red Hot. Paint cute little Christmas shapes or up-cycle old decorations with a new lick of paint in Resene Crusoe. String them all onto red and white twine, then hang above your Christmas nativity scene or in a chosen window frame. For a little extra glitz, paint selected beads in a testpot of Resene FX Metallic.

What you'll need: Resene testpot paints – we used Resene Red Hot and Resene Crusoe, wooden beads, decorations, twine.

Christmas shapes - wooden

Wooden Christmas shapes

These cute shapes add festive fun to any windowsill or mantelpiece this Christmas. For soldiers, take an inexpensive rolling pin and saw off either end 13cm from each end. Paint jacket with Resene Red Hot, let dry, then paint on buttons with Resene Alabaster. Paint hat, eyes and moustache with Resene Double Foundry.

Use a plank of scrap wood to saw simple houses and tree shapes. Paint trees with Resene Crusoe. Tape masking tape from bottom to top corner of larger house, paint bottom half with Resene Alabaster, let dry and peel off tape. Paint smaller house shape with Resene Red Hot. Place the figures in your favourite spot.

What you'll need: Resene testpot paints – we used Resene Alabaster, Resene Red Hot and Resene Double Foundry, rolling pin, masking tape and scrap wood.

Emily Somerville-Ryan. 2018

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