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Festive foliage

Craft with Resene from Woman magazine

Get creative with Resene by making a gorgeous leaf-printed tablecloth and gift your guests the perfect hand-painted decoration.

Print a leaf styled tablecloth

You will need

Instructions – nature inspired tablecloth

Step one:  Wash and dry your tablecloth, then iron to remove all creases.

Step two:  Cover your table with a dropcloth, newsprint paper or similar and lay your tablecloth out flat on top ready for painting.

Step three:  Gather a number of leaves that you want to use (A). Make sure you have at least 6 of each type and in similar sizes, as your leaf will only last for a couple of impressions before it needs replacing.

Step four:  Start with the largest of your leaves and the darkest paint colour. In this instance we used Resene Dauntless. Pour the paint into your tray and roller out evenly onto your roller. Place your leaf on a sheet of cardboard with the textured side facing up. Apply an even layer of paint (B) onto the leaf and then carefully place it paintside down onto the tablecloth. Use your brayer to roll firmly over the leaf (C), making sure it doesn’t shift. Carefully remove the leaf. Repeat this step, leaving enough space between the largest leaves for the others. To create a random pattern rotate the leaf each time you print it (D).

Step five:  Allow the first colour to dry completely before starting the next leaf and colour. Print the midsized leaves in a random pattern using Resene Gulf Stream. Some overlapping of leaves can be a really lovely touch, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Note: The smaller leaves can get a little more messy, so use some newsprint or similar over the top of your leaf before rolling over it with the brayer (E). This will keep your tablecloth nice and clean and stops excess ink rolling onto unwanted areas.

Step six:  When dry, repeat the above steps for the final, smaller leaves. We used Resene Koru.

Step seven:  For the final touches, print random dots in Resene Bermuda Grey by removing the roller head and using the end as a circular stamp (F) Once dry, your tablecloth is ready to use!

Instructions – hand-painted bauble

Decoration:  Cover the bauble with 2 coats of Resene Dauntless. Allow to dry, then use paint one side of a small leaf with Resene White. Press firmly onto the bauble then lift off gently. Repeat randomly, leaving spaces in between. Paint the beads in Resene Koru and Resene Gulf Stream. Once dry, thread onto the loop of the bauble and tie a knot to secure in place.

Resene paint tips

Craft editor and stylist Marsha Smith. Feb 2021. This project is not suitable for multiple washes.

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Craft with Resene from Woman magazine
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