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Underneath the arches

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The graceful curves and soothing tones of this easy-to-make headboard set the scene for serene dreams

The classic shape of a trio of arches is perfect for a headboard, creating a sense of calm and rest. After cutting out the arches, simply paint them in three tone-on-tone Resene colours that you love and tie them into your bedding for a mixed-not-matched look. This headboard is 2.7m wide and would suit a double or queen size bed.

Paint a headboard

You will need

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Step 4


  1. On each piece of MDF, measure 45cm down from top (short) edge and make a pencil mark on left-hand and right-hand edge. Now find the midpoint between those 2 marks and make a mark there.

  2. Tie a piece of string to your pencil and fix the other end of the string to the centre mark with a drawing pin. The string must be 45cm long.

  3. Draw a semicircle from 1 pencil mark to the other, using the pencil and string.

  4. Cut out arches with a jigsaw and give the edges a quick sand with sandpaper.

  5. Paint in chosen Resene colours using a small roller; let dry then add another coat.

  6. Screw to wall or use hanging strips.


Project and styling Vanessa Nouwens. Photography Angie Humphreys. 2019

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Projects from Nadia magazine
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