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Sunrise shelf

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Display your prettiest items on these ombre-effect shelves and enjoy a beautiful sunrise (or sunset) every day

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Display shelf

You will need:


  1. Draw vertical and horizontal guide lines through centre of circle.

  2. Mark where top and bottom shelves will go. Shelves should sit a little inside circle.

  3. Draw the same 3 horizontal lines on the back of the circle.

  4. Draw a line down centre of short edges on each piece of wood for back. Glue each piece onto back of circle, matching up lines on wood and circle. Press firmly, wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth and leave to dry as per glue instructions.

  5. Draw line down centre of short edges on shelves. Glue along back of each shelf and position on front of circle, matching up guide lines on circle and shelf ends; the longest shelf goes in the middle. Press down, wipe and leave to dry as in Step 4.

  6. Drill 3 screws along each piece of wood on back. Screws must be long enough to go right through into shelves, to secure.

  7. Plan the proportions of the ombre effect. We divided it into 3 sections.

  8. Paint top shelf and area above it, and halfway below it, in your lightest colour.

  9. Working with 2 brushes, paint middle section and shelf in your medium colour, blending in gradually with lighter hue above. Repeat for bottom shelf, blending medium colour into your darkest colour.

  10. Once dry, add a second coat if needed. Attach hangers to back of the circle. Measure and drill hanging screws into wall. Hang shelf and style!


Steps 4, 5, 9, 10

Steps 4-5 Steps 9-10


Words and styling by Tanya Wong. Photography Rebekah Robinson. 2018

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Projects from Nadia magazine
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