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Blob Resene paint onto card

It’s easy to get creative with Resene’s wide range of colourful paints which have an excellent finish to them. When you combine different colours together with the Resene FX Metallic range, the result is a sparkly success.


Effect after cardboard has dragged through paint

Art in a heart shaped frame


  1. On one piece of card, put blobs of Resene paint all over the first two thirds.
  2. Tear a flap off a cardboard box, which will give the artwork texture.
  3. Just like in the photo, drag the piece of cardboard from left to right.
  4. If you’re happy with how it looks, leave it to dry. If not, run the cardboard across the paint once more. Leave to dry.
  5. In the meantime, draw a heart with a stencil or freehand on the second piece of card. Cut the shape out and discard the shape.
  6. Once the artwork is dry, put it together with the heart-shaped frame inside the photo frame.
  7. Hello awesome artwork!

Made by Austen Booker, with help from his mum. 2019

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Projects from Family Times magazine
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