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Alex Fulton brings a sophisticated cool palette of Resene Green Spring and Resene Paddock to create a calm kid’s bedroom with a sleek New Zealand made chair from Craftbuilt.

A calming kids room in shades of green

Country kid

Soft tones of green (Resene Green Spring and Resene Paddock) and pink make this room cosy and full of whimsy with a country twist. Adding a timeless mid-century chair to a bedroom brings up the relaxed vibe and makes a space for reading under a canopy of organic green tones. Adding bold stripes adds a modern touch for your little person.

Mid-century classic

Inspired by Scandinavian design, this retro designed chair is by Levin-based wood craftspeople Craftbuilt. Available in different woods and fabrics, this chair is simple but very effective in a variety of home spaces.

Whimsical design

Add whimsy with linen patterned with wildflowers. Bedding is an easy way to change the mood of a bedroom. The wall paint choices were chosen from the colours of the duvet cover. Città Design created this duvet by hand painting a design based on a meadow of wildflowers – and it’s beautiful.

Crafataabuilt scandinavian chair
Mid-century classic

Citta design duvet - kids room
Whimsical design

Textured wall hanging from Spotlight
Added texture

A sidetable made from the root of a tree
Natural roots

Added texture

Conventional art doesn't need to hang on walls – try something a little different to add texture and interest. This piece is from Spotlight and is inexpensive, cheerful and fun.

Natural roots

Organic and natural products like this side table made from the root of a tree softens the space and is also useful for a side table lamp and displaying favourite trinkets.

Country kid: Chair in White Oak with Linen Fabric from Craftbuilt; Dried Grass Wall Hanging from Spotlight; Columbus Root Stump Stool, Serenade Throw in Muted Sage, Curve Table Lamp in Taupe, Spencer Cushion in Ivory and Natural from A&C Homestore; Tony the Sloth Soft Toy, Linen Wildflower Duvet and Pillowcases from Città; Grove of Wooden Trees from The Woodlands; Kip and Co Throw/Rug in Pink and Brown Stripe; Kip and Co Lumber Cushion in Pink and Rust Stripe from AFD Store; Resene Green Spring and Resene Paddock from Resene ColorShops.

Here, Alex Fulton sets the stage for the mid-century style Craftbuilt chair with a backdrop of Resene Double Concrete and artwork textured with Resene SRG Grit while accessories in Resene Kamakaze and Resene Burnt Crimson provide a playful contrast.

A sophisticated grey space with warm accent colours

Modern town

Grey is often considered a cold colour, but by adding warmer tones it creates a comforting and sophisticated space. Emphasising colour by adding a customised artwork in the same colour but with a texture that modernises any space. Adding a textured sand to paint and painting onto a canvas in a random way works to great effect. The grey colour is Resene Double Concrete, and I added Resene SRG Grit for the texture.

Bright shapes

A selection of shaped vases helps move your eye around the space and adds interest. Modern shapes bring a sense of design wow-factor. Adding seasonal not-so-traditional blooms increases the architectural form for the zone.

Tonal flooring

The tonal story of the grey walls, the canvas and the rug are the perfect backdrop to the colours of the other items in this room. Think of it like a theatre backdrop making the accessories the central characters in the play. We have set the stage for colour, pattern and texture.

Subtle pattern

This beautiful pattern ties in the colours of the space. Scatter cushions are an easy addition. Or adding substrate from a chair or a sofa often ties together the rooms’ design and colour elements. The subtle design of the cushion softens the block colours of the wall and vases.

Modern town: Chair in White Oak with Linen Fabric from Craftbuilt; DIY Painted Canvas by Alex Fulton Design in Resene Double Concrete and Resene SRG Grit; Terra Belle Stool, Soria Bottle in Coffee from A&C Homestore; Assorted Books, Patterned Cushion from Corso De' Fiori; Winter berries from Harakeke Florist; Kanas Vase painted in Resene Kamikaze from Ned Collections; Rug from Bunnings; Sedona Vessel in Sienna, Sedona Vessel in Marron from Casual & Country; Resene Double Concrete, Resene Kamakaze, Resene Burnt Crimson from Resene ColorShops.

Hand painted accessories in warm tones of orange, red and brown
Bright shapes

Cushion design softens the block palette.
Subtle pattern

Tonal greys in the flooring and walls showcase accessories
Tonal flooring

Paint colours used in these two looks...

November/December 2021

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Interiors from Abode magazine
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