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Colour palette from Abode magazine - Colour Masterclass series

Create a great first impression with expert advice on your exterior colour scheme.

Using colour to enhance the architectural features of your home
A modern take

As your roof is the most expensive and difficult component to change, begin your exterior colour selection here. Start by standing in front of your home and observing it. “If you can see the roofing pitch and it is quite prominent then it’s vital to consider how the roof and walls will work together,” shares Resene Colour Consultant, Nikki Morris.

“A contrasting exterior can look great when the colours are chosen well,” says Fraser Martin of Weathermaster Roofing, “just don’t go too extreme. You want your scheme to work harmoniously as one.”

“At the moment, when it comes to the roof dark colours are very much on trend,” says Fraser. “In both new builds and re-roofing projects we are also seeing a trend of matching your spouting and fascia colour, with the roof.”

A tonal brown exterior colour scheme
Pitched statement

A bold red home entrance
Make an entrance

“Matching your spouting to your fascia and or roof colour is common practice. And gives the perception of the stud height being lowered, whereas if matched with the cladding colour it will appear heightened. While if you have a contrasting spouting and fascia this will give a detail line to the home,” shares Kyle Miller of Canterbury Architectural Spouting. “There are no given rules however, it is simply dependant on your desired aesthetic.”

“Over the last couple of years we have seen trends for weatherboards focusing on greys and dark impact colours,” comments Nikki. “This year we are going to see more powdered blue greys, softer creams replacing brighter whites, and earth based greens slowly replacing beige and brown tones.”

Pitched statement

Where your home has a strong and dominant roof, the choice of colour will dominate the rest of your scheme. In a soothing tonal scheme of browns this exterior sees the roof and deck work as a cohesive unit, providing unity to the proportions of the home.

Make an entrance

The front door is an important part of your exterior colour scheme and is a great area in which to add a splash of colour. By going bold in your colour choice, be it a deep black or a vibrant bright, you will create a great sense of arrival to your home.

A modern take

Your exterior colour scheme can be used to enhance the architectural features of your home. In the case of older houses the right colours can help define the home’s history, while satisfying more contemporary tastes.

February/March 2014

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Colour palettes from Abode magazine - Colour Masterclass series
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