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Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

This matching pairs memory game is great for brain-training, good fun for all ages and would make a fabulous gift.

Memory game cards

What you'll need

  • MDF squares 8.5cm x 8.5cm, 3mm thick (as many pairs as you’d like to create)
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Fine paint brush
  • Natural drawstring bag (medium size or make your own)

I love the versatility of this project. You can make these as easy or as complicated as you like, depending on the ability of the people playing. For each square I used three colourways on a variety of angles to keep things simple, but you can add loads more colour and pattern if you want to... the possibilities are endless! If you want to make them more interesting for younger children and you’re up for a challenge, try painting some characters or matching animals on them (see below).

How to make memory cards

Painted creatures
Painted animals (option)
Step A
Pic A
  1. You can either buy a sheet of MDF about 6mm thick and cut your own squares, or you can buy them pre-cut from craft stores. Either way, make sure you give all the squares a light sand and wipe before beginning to paint.

  2. Measure two squares with the same angles using a ruler and pencil. Tape the angle using Resene removable masking tape. They need to match as closely as possible, so take your time to measure and make the same shapes for each pair you make (A).

  3. Paint this taped off area with your first Resene colour and leave to dry completely before removing the tape. Now tape another section on both squares and paint with a second colour (B). The tape needs to go over already painted sections when creating a variety of angles, so it is important that each colour is thoroughly dry before painting another. Once the second section is dry, peel back the tape carefully, so you don’t lift any paint. Repeat with a third section of colour.

Step A
Pic B
Step B
Pic C
Step C
Pic D
  1. Use a variety of Resene colours and angles to make more matching pairs (C).

  2. Once the patterned pairs are complete and dry, turn them over and paint two coats of Resene White on the backs. Let them dry between coats.

  3. Using a small brush and Resene Grey Seal, paint dashes or a dotted pattern. Make sure that all the squares look as similar as possible. Try not to create any obvious differences, as that would make it easier to remember the pattern that will be revealed underneath when turned over.

  4. Finally, to package up your stylish new game, use the same Resene colour palette to paint splashes of colour on a calico or hessian drawstring bag (D). Place a piece of paper inside the bag so the paint doesn’t bleed through and mark the other side. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to play!

Resene Grey Seal

Project by Marsha Smith, April 2020

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