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Winter wonderland

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Create an adorable winter-themed nook with a snowy feel, using pre-made wooden shelving and twinkling lights.

Make a christmas nook

What you need:


  1. Place the triangular open shelf onto a piece of white cardboard. Trace around the outer edge of the shelf to create a triangle that completely covers the edges of the shelving. Use a craft knife and ruler to cut out this triangle and set aside.

  2. Trace around the top of the shelf to create a triangle around 10cm deep, then draw zigzags to create an ice-cap effect. Cut out.

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Step 4
  1. Using a dry brush, dip just the tip of the paint brush into the Resene Alabaster testpot (don’t soak it). This will allow you to create a streaky, distressed paint effect, not a solid white shelf. Allow areas of wood to show through, using long strokes on both the outer and inner sides of the triangle. If the paint brush becomes too loaded with paint, wipe the excess onto a piece of scrap paper. Allow to dry completely.

  2. On the large cardboard triangle, mark the places where the twinkling lights will poke through – they will look better randomly placed. Carefully use a skewer or similar to pierce small holes just big enough for the lights to fit securely through. Don’t make the holes too large or the lights won’t sit neatly.

  3. Hot glue the large pierced triangle onto the back of the shelf and the ice-cap peak onto the top front.

  4. Push the light bulbs through from the back of the shelf so they will light up the inner triangle when turned on. Use masking tape to hold the lights in place and hide the wiring behind the shelf.

  5. Add ornaments. Keep colours and decorations simple, but an interesting detail or two will draw the eye in.

Project by Marsha Smith, December 2019

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