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Set the scene

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Create a Christmas table with a lovingly handmade feel by making your own coasters, place mats and cutlery holders.

Make a Christmas table setting

What you need:


  1. Start by painting the entire coaster in one colour. We used three different base colours – Resene Green Meets Blue, Resene Unwind and Resene Half Silver Chalice. Paint two coats and let dry completely.

  2. Use Resene low tack masking tape to tape a triangular tree shape in the centre, with the top of the triangle close to the top edge of the coaster (see above). Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down to avoid paint bleeding and keep edges sharp. The coaster trees have a 6cm base with 7cm sides.

  3. Paint inside the triangle shape with colour that works with the base colour. For example, if using Resene Unwind for the base, paint the tree shape in Resene Half Silver Chalice. Apply two coats and let dry completely.

  4. Once dry, remove the bottom line of masking tape and paint a thin line down the centre of the triangle to make the trunk, using Resene Pale Slate. Paint three angled branches on each side using the same colour. Once dry, remove the remaining tape.

Step 1

step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Place mats

  1. Paint the entire place mat with two coats of Resene Half Silver Chalice. Once dry, use Resene low tack masking tape in a cross-hatch pattern to make diamond shapes (pic A).

  2. Place straight lines of tape through the middle of the diamonds. This will create both large and small triangles (pic B). Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down so you end up with clean, straight edges.

  3. Paint the exposed areas of the place mat with Resene Unwind. Carefully remove all tape once completely dry to reveal pattern.

Pic A
Pic A

Pic B
Pic B

Finished painted placemat
Finished painted placemat

Felt napkin holders

Use the template provided or draw your own by folding a piece of A4 paper in half lengthwise. Draw half a tree and while the paper is still folded, cut out the tree shape. Open up the folded paper to reveal a symmetrical tree. Place the paper template on the felt and trace around it. Cut out the felt tree. Draw two parallel lines in the centre of the tree 2.5cm apart and approximately 6.5cm wide. Use a sharp craft knife and ruler to cut through the lines. This creates the napkin and cutlery holder.

Tree template
Template – scale to fit A4 paper
Template and felt
Template and felt
Finished cutlery holder
Finished cutlery holder

Project by Marsha Smith, December 2019

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