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The big build-up

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Add an ornament every day for an advent calendar with a difference.

Make an christmas advent calendar
Add an ornament every day!

What you need:


  1. Use a rolling pin or jar with no embossing to roll out the baking clay on a clean surface to about 6mm thick. Use miniature cookie cutters to cut out an array of shapes. Before baking, make a hole near the top of each shape using a wooden skewer. Bake at 1600C fan forced for 10 minutes or according to the clay baking instructions. Remove from oven and let cool.

  2. Paint ornaments on both sides using a range of pink Resene hues (see Resene colour list above).

  3. Once dry, thread a small gold jump ring through each ornament.

Note:  Make extra ornaments, in case of breakages. Leftover ornaments can be threaded onto presents with ribbon.

Cookie cutter shapes

Roll out dough and make shapes

Make holes to hang ornaments

Make holes to hang ornaments

Making the tree

  1. You can make your own tree shape using our template as a guide, or scale and print it onto four sheets of A4 paper taped together.

  2. Centre the template on the wood and tape in place. Mark the three corners of the triangle on the board and, using a ruler, draw the lines of the triangle in pencil.

  3. Using the black dots on the template as a guide, drill holes for the small hooks. Drill right through the paper.

  4. Remove the template and, following your pencil marks, tape the triangle with Resene masking tape.

  5. Paint the inside of the triangle (the tree) with two coats of Resene Salsa and set aside to dry. Remove tape once dry.

  6. Screw in small hooks.

  7. Attach number stickers for the dates 1-25 just above each screw. Place numbers randomly around the tree. Every day during December add one ornament, until your tree is fully decorated for the big day. If you’d like a little treat each day as the excitement builds, have a box of sweets on one side. We painted a circular box in Resene Gelato to go with our pink and red theme.

Tree template

Drill holes

Paint and stick on numbers

Resene Just Dance

Project by Marsha Smith, December 2019

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