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Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Get organised this year with these handy storage ideas for the office or kids’ corner. Marsha Smith shows how to create a colourful geometric inspired space with Resene paints.

Decorate your home office

Start by picking a theme or Resene colour combination that will work well in your chosen space. When it comes to pattern, the possibilities are endless but geometric shapes are simple, effective and timeless.

You will need:

Mouse pad

You will need: 1 circle board (Kaisercraft round placemat from Spotlight), 1 piece thick grey felt (to fit placemat), sharp scissors.

Step 1: Trace around your circular board onto felt. Cut out using sharp scissors.

Step 2: Divide off segments of board with Resene removable tape and paint in contrasting shades (see pic below). This will need to be done in stages as each painted section will need to dry before you can tape again for the adjacent colour. Give each section two coats of paint and don’t forget to paint around the edges. When all painting is completely dry, use hot glue to adhere the painted board to the felt base.

Storage box before
Storage box in progress
Mouse mat
Mouse mat painting
Paint colours finished
Painting stripes storage box

Storage boxes

You will need: 1 wooden cutlery drawer spacer (available from Kmart), wooden square box or similar, 1 piece A3 foam board, craft knife.

Step 1: Paint inside your boxes first with two coats of Resene White. Allow to dry and then tape around the inside edges before painting outside (this will protect inside from paint smears).

Step 2: Use tape to divide outside of box into sections. As for mouse pad, paint and tape in stages, applying two coats of Resene testpot paint to each. Allow to dry after each stage.

Step 3: To make dividers, measure the length and depth of your box and cut pieces of foam board to fit (see pic, above), using a metal ruler and sharp craft knife. In the long box, I put a piece at the quarter mark to make a smaller boxed end and a piece through the middle to make a longer division for books. In the small square box I positioned a divider diagonally. Hot glue dividers in place.

Notes: If you can’t find wooden boxes, use readily available cardboard boxes. You can also use glass jars and paint the lid in Resene testpots to match the boxes.


You will need:Canvas 16'' x 16'' (38mm depth), 1 piece (A3 size) thick grey felt, large wooden pegs.

Step 1: Tape off a third of your canvas with Resene removable tape. Divide this into vertical stripes and paint as for mouse pad and boxes (see above right).

Step 2: Cut a piece of thick felt to cover the rest of the canvas and glue in place.

Step 3: Paint wooden pegs in matching colours and once dry, hot glue these into place on the painted side of your pinboard.

Handy hint: Freshen up an old desk with Resene White low sheen paint. Make sure you sand it back first, wipe away any dust and complete with two topcoats of Resene Lustacryl paint.

Project by Marsha Smith, January 2019
Photography by Bauer Studio (NZ)

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