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Pin it - Sleepy sloth

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Creating a mood board or pinboard to keep household notes tidy is easy with this inspiring project. You'll need to make it over a few days to allow time for each section of paint to dry.

Sloth pinboard

What you'll need

"These cute little sloths will inspire you to get creative or organised."

Sloth pins

  1. Photocopy and cut out the sloth template pieces below. Use to cut sloth pieces from felts. An A4 sheet of grey felt will make at least six sloths.
  2. Hot-glue the cream face oval into place first. Stick down the black pieces next. (Self-adhesive felt is easiest for these fiddly little bits, but you could use ordinary felt and glue the pieces in place.)

  3. Thread some white embroidery cotton onto your needle and sew on two small lines for eyes. Try to have them angled so they look more sleepy. Either tie off at the back or use a little adhesive to hold the cotton in place.

  4. Glue the feet onto the back of the grey legs so you only see the claws poking up.

  5. Lastly, hot-glue a pinboard pin to the back of each sloth. You could also glue pegs to some of the sloths, then glue a pin to the peg to attach it to the board.

felt and sissors
paint and felt
sloth pin


  1. Use a ruler and pencil to mark out geometric sections on your pinboard. Be creative – there’s no right or wrong here. Just make sure the area for Resene Blackboard Paint is large enough to write little notes on with chalk. You might like to leave one section unpainted for contrast.

  2. Paint one area at a time. Use masking tape to outline the section you are painting. Apply at least two coats of Resene paint to each section. Remove tape when paint is dry. You will need to be patient and allow a few days for the paint to dry thoroughly before masking up for the next section, otherwise the tape is likely to lift the paint.

  3. Apply the Blackboard Paint last and give this section at least three coats, as the cork is very porous. You want this area to be hardwearing and able to handle plenty of writing, drawing and removing. Use ordinary chalk to write with; chalk pens are not recommended. Chalk is easily wiped off with a duster or slightly damp cloth.

  4. To embellish your pinboard even more, you can cut out and hot-glue on some green felt leaves and a length of string for the sloths to hang from.

Template to cut out sloth

sloth template
Templates are drawn to scale. Actual print size may be dependant on printer settings and browser.

Project by Marsha Smith, April 2018

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