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Tea gift boxes

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

A beautifully decorated box filled with aromatic tea makes a lovely gift for someone who enjoys a cuppa.

Tea gift boxes

What you'll need

tea boxes
Express your creativity with a lovely gift that's simply tea-rific!

Tea boxes

  1. Paint the outside of the box base with Resene testpot paint. Set aside to dry, then apply a second coat.

  2. Place the lid of the box, top side down, on a piece of patterned paper. Trace around the outside of the lid with pencil. Measure the depth of the lid sides and add an extra 15mm. Using this measurement, draw another circle around the outside of the first circle (diagram A). Cut out around the larger circle. Cut incisions at regular intervals from the outside edge to the inner circle.

  3. Cover the reverse side of the paper circle with adhesive, then position the lid face down on the glued paper. Ensure the paper sits smoothly over the lid, then fold up the cut sections to cover the sides of the lid (wrap the excess over the edge of the lid).

  4. Apply one coat of Resene Art Action Glaze to the lid to seal. Put aside to dry

  5. Once dry, decorate the lid with paper flowers and stick-on lettering. Note: If your lid is grabbing slightly or the fit is too tight, give the inside edges of the lid and the top outside lip of the box a soft sanding with fine sandpaper. This will help ease the fit of the lid.

  6. To line the inside of the box, use the same technique as for the lid. Trace around the base of the box on the lining paper, add an extra 15mm to make tabs, then cut out. Glue to the inside base of the box (the tabs will fold up onto the sides). Now measure the height of the box and cut a strip of lining paper long enough to wrap around the inside of the box. Glue in place.

lid diameter

Tea bags

  1. To make tea bags, cut out 12cm-diameter circles from the muslin.

  2. Place 1 tablespoon of loose-leaf tea in the centre of each muslin circle.

  3. Cut string into 20cm lengths – one for each tea bag. Gather up the outer edges of muslin to create a small pouch and tie tightly with string.

Butterfly tea bags

  1. Trace and cut out the butterfly template provided.

  2. Glue a piece of patterned paper to a piece of coloured card (pattern facing outwards). Fold in half, place template on fold and trace around it. Cut out and open up to reveal the butterfly shape (pic C).

  3. Poke a hole through the fold line on the centre top wing, where indicated on the template below. Thread the end of the tea bag string through the hole from the patterned side of the butterfly and secure with a knot. Trim off any excess string. Repeat until you have enough tea bags to fill your beautifully decorated container.

Tea bags
butterfly tea bags
butterfly template
Butterfly template drawn to scale. Actual print size may be dependant on printer settings and browser.

Project by Marsha Smith, April 2018

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