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WallTrends Issue 2

 Wallpaper trends 2010Primrose Bordier was an iconic French design/stylist of the late twentieth century.

When interviewed on her approach to wallcovering, she likened the process of wallpapering to that of dressing oneself, commenting that if one is happy to wear a certain style of print and colour, then why not something similar for your walls? She was of course commenting from an era when coordinating prints were THE trend and it was quite possible to get the same design printed on bed linen, wallpaper, tea towels, blouses, even lampshades.

Having sobered up from those busy, heady days, the initial approach still holds true today.

As with dressing oneself, wallpapering should have the same considered approach, with a sensitivity to colour and design that complements you, whether the style is classic, sexy or casual. The end result is, that, as one feels good about being in clothes that make you look good, you will also feel good about your walls that are dressed in wallpaper that complement your taste which makes you feel good about you and your interior.

Highlighting this parallel to fashion may bring about some apprehension in people that are not confident in their own dress sense, let alone searching through the ‘wallpaper wardrobes’ that are on display at Resene ColorShops. Help is always at hand though with expert advice available from Resene staff to provide the right solution in style that suits your particular needs.

And its style that’s the key word when one looks at wallcovering trends. For style echoes an attitude to interiors that is more durable than some of the more transient elements of fashion.

Today the catchword ‘Wallpaper’s back’ is true.

Heimtex is one of the major, international trade fairs for wallcoverings. It is held annually in Frankfurt and it is here that nearly all the major wallcovering mills present their newest collections.

Carrying on the trend from the last four years ‘feature wall’ designs are still strong with most mills conjuring up new collections of bold unique designs for that ‘special wall’. Within this area, major trends appear to be still the classic traditional look as seen in the Bloomsbury collection which is now exported throughout Europe, going into the Middle East, India, China and Scandinavia.

Animal faux skin also appears to be a significant trend with a number of mills devoting collections to this look. Watch out for Vision’s ‘Wild Life’ later on this year as well as Bloomsbury II. Cityscapes were seen in a few collections with one to be seen in the next ‘Boys and Girls’ collection due second half of 2010.

Botanicals, still popular, range from simplified sophisticated silhouette looks that have worked well in collections such as Visions Glamour and Akoya, to very seventies styled collections that had such a nostalgic look to them they looked old and tired.


Another echo of the seventies being re introduced to a number of ranges is the return of the stripe. These are employed as an alternative coordinating element to the feature design, other than plain textures. However if the stripe is bold enough they can become the feature design with plain texture coordinating.

Return of striped wallpaper

Colour content will always lean more to the neutral side of the colour circle in most collections, with off whites, grays, smoky browns and taupe’s providing easy on the eye colour combinations. Black, or black and white, still remains a current theme, though other combinations such as black and hot pink or black and purple give more interesting blends. Acid lime appears in a number of collections and mustard seems to be making a comeback. Metallic prints or backgrounds still remain an important content in ranges along with pearl backgrounds. These can work to good effect in blown vinyl collections, such as Vision’s Glamour, Brocante, Akoya and Bloomsbury. Look out for the new sequel to Akoya titled Jade later on in the year.

Colourful wallpapers

Today, when looking at all the contemporary offering for wallcoverings in the market place, there appears quite an eclectic mix from which to choose from. This can be, for some, a bewildering exercise. Always remember though, the staff at Resene will make it easy to get the look that suits you and in doing so give a clearer meaning to “It’s not what you’ve got it’s the way that you wear it!” Primrose sure knew what she was talking about…

Thanks to Pacific Wallcoverings.


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