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Wallpaper trends 2015
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Wallpaper trends 2015

"Whatever you have in your rooms, think first of the walls: for they are that which makes your house and home."

So said William Morris one of the founding fathers of 19th century wallpaper design.

It’s a perennial statement that still makes sense today when considering an interior scheme.

Contemporary society inhabits a much smaller world than when Morris was alive, so today, abundant media and internet services expose international trends to this market that allow a myriad of styles to influence decision making when considering a new interior scheme.

To many, this can be a challenging exercise, trying to select the appropriate look. However, one usually finds that the market has a way of throwing up common denominators of style that will set the tone of interiors for a period of time.

One of the perennials in this market is plain textured wallcoverings. They provide the ideal vehicle for dressing your walls with subtle profiles of woven fabric, stone, plaster or concrete plus many more effects that come in a wide colour palette to suit all areas of the house.

Clover 331074 wallpaper
Clover 331074
Hidden Richness GD227378 wallpaper
Hidden Richness GD227378
Retrospective RSB-001-05-5 wallpaper
Retrospective RSB-001-05-5
New Bellagio NBA-006-18-1 wallpaper
New Bellagio NBA-006-18-1

Flowers have always been an inspiration in designs for both textile and wallcoverings; they wax and wane in popularity, and presently they seem to be making a resurgence.

We are now seeing in some collections a return to the golden age of floral design created by artists and executed by craftsmen.

Beautiful floral design in both layout and colour can be seen in collections such as Eiffinger’s Ibiza.

Wallpaper trends 2015
Ibiza 330204
Ibiza 330203 wallpaper
Ibiza 330203
Ibiza 330278 wallpaper
Ibiza 330278
Camargue 48386 wallpaper
Camargue 48386

Geometric design may also be making a resurgence with heavy exposure at London Design Week 2014. They seem to be trending to a simpler look using simple elements of squares, triangles and employing a multi layer, multi colour approach to generate interest.

Charm 331216 wallpaper
Charm 331216
City Lights 455427 wallpaper
City Lights 455427
Luz 330426 wallpaper
Luz 330426
City Lights 455403 wallpaper
City Lights 455403

Feature walls remain a strong trend, allowing an ideal way of expressing one’s own preferred style and taste as a statement wall. Currently, what’s proving popular in this area is Faux Textures. Examples of these would be simulated brick walls, sea blown driftwood, industrial timber, riveted metal plates, all displaying eye catching 3D looks that lift them out of the ordinary and are vastly superior to the old brick and ivy Granny may have had on the wall.

Exposed PE-08-01-7 wallpaper
Exposed PE-08-01-7
Exposed PE-10-02-1 wallpaper
Exposed PE-10-02-1
walltrends_III_46504 wallpaper
Walltrends III 46504
Exposed PE-04-04-8 wallpaper
Exposed PE-04-04-8

Feature walls now open the door up to a vast array of weird, wonderful even quirky images. If you have a fondness for ancient China, cover your walls with terracotta stone warriors, the choice is wide and eclectic, though old bookshelves, antique suitcase stacks and images of wine crates feature in a number of collections.

walltrends III_9443-20 wallpaper
Walltrends III 9443-20
Exposed PE-11-01-1 wallpaper
Exposed PE-11-01-1
Exposed PE-06-01-9 wallpaper
Exposed PE-06-01-9
City Lights 831818 wallpaper
City Lights 831818

Wall murals are another way of creating feature walls. Komar’s mural collections have always been popular in this area, offering a comprehensive selection of images covering many different themes, though interestingly world maps have always been top of the list.

Komar Photomural Vol I4 4-050 wallpaper

Komar Photomural Vol 14 4-050
Komar Photomural Vol I4 8-917 wallpaper

Komar Photomural Vol 14 8-917
Komar Photomural Vol I4 8-918 wallpaper

Komar Photomural Vol 14 8-916
Komar Photomural Vol 14 8-918 wallpaper

Komar Photomural Vol 14 8-918

The logical progression in this area was the introduction of digital print service that allows the homeowner to customise their own interior by uploading their own high resolution image to create something truly unique to them.

Resene offers this service called Resene WallPrint online at With the easy to follow instructions customers can now get tailor made images for their walls, digitally printed on easy to hang paste-the-wall wallpaper.


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