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Rainbow Confectionery
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Rainbow Confectionery

Thames Highway, Oamaru

Rainbow Confectionary has a long history, starting from Julius Romison, a Jewish immigrant who began manufacturing confectionery in Dunedin, circa 1884 at home in the wash-house/kitchen where there was a boiler and equipment to shape and wrap sweets. In 1937 Jack McNamara backed by a group of Dunedin investors, acquired the plant and recipes. That year Rominson’s Confectionery Ltd was established.

In 1983 Mr CD Castle, along with others considered Regina a useful vehicle for expansion under the name Charter Corporation. In 1987 the Charter/’Regina’ empire collapsed. Regina was then purchased by a consortium comprising Amuri Corporation, The Oamaru Licensing Trust and Dunedin businessman, Nat Craig. The Business was renamed Regina (1988) Ltd. In 1995 Regina was sold to Nestle NZ and the factory was closed in 2001.

Innovex Holdings purchased the buildings from Nestle and in June 2011 established Rainbow Confectionery Ltd, which has continued to grow both in products, exports and staff numbers. And with the growth came the need for a new look, designed by staff member Holly Withers. That design forms the foundation of the signage that has been produced.

Rainbow Confectionary was keen to transform its exterior image to something brighter and more vibrant in keeping with its name, tradition and to promote the factory shop to the general public.

Rainbow Confectionery

The building stripes and rainbow arch were modified to make it simpler and cleaner looking. The explosion from the cauldron was to carry a large assortment of lollies. These were reduced in number and increased in size so that there would be no illusion that this was a factory lolly shop. Images were first going to be airbrushed and handpainted, but after consultation it was decided to make some of the images out of polystyrene to give a big life like 3D look. The lollies were hand carved from high density polystyrene then covered with Resene Rockcote Plaster, coated with Resene Limelock and Resene Lumbersider was used for the coloured topcoats.

There was no hesitation when it came to the vibrant colours chosen: Resene Christalle, Resene Tory Blue, Resene Lochmara, Resene Dizzy Lizzy, Resene Broom, Resene Pizazz, Resene Havoc, Resene Crusoe, Resene Tree Frog and Resene Christi and neutrals of Resene Alabaster and Resene Black.



Colour swatch
Resene Christalle
Colour swatch
Resene Tory Blue
Colour swatch
Resene Lochmara
Colour swatch
Resene Dizzy Lizzy
Colour swatch
Resene Broom
Colour swatch
Resene Pizazz
Colour swatch
Resene Havoc
Colour swatch
Resene Crusoe
Colour swatch
Resene Tree Frog
Colour swatch
Resene Christi
Colour swatch
Resene Alabaster
Colour swatch
Resene Black

Colour Selection: Rainbow Confectionery Ltd
Painting Contractor: Peter Keogh, MJ Ireland Signs
Resene Representative: Simon Wealleans
Photographer: Dana Johnston
Other Key Contributors: John Walker, Rainbow Confectionery Ltd

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