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Commercial Interior
Public + Retail Space Colour Maestro Award Winner
Kiwibank and New Zealand Post
Retail Transformation


Post Shop and Kiwibank stores are in the unique position of offering two distinct reasons to visit - to post items and to bank. However, their customer experience was not rising to this challenge, giving customers a chaotic and fragmented mixture of the two functions. The aim of this project was torevolutionise the Kiwibank experience.

A ‘blank slate’ innovation methodology helped create a new hub and bespoke retail network. The new network model was rapidly prototyped in order to test processes and prove a business case before a pilot was executed at five locations in the Kapiti Coast.

The idea that drove the design concept and layout was ‘the bank you own – in your own backyard’. Two offerings were created with two distinct experiences.

The bank uses Kiwi ingenuity to become the antithesis to sterile mainstream banks. Materials and features supported the notion of Kiwibank as ‘our’ bank. Walls were shadow-clad and plywood was used in fittings, shelving units and divan-style ottoman seats covered in Swandri fabrics to allude to the feel and ingenuity of the Kiwi bach and our rural heritage. Plant graphics reflect the New Zealand outdoors by cloaking the glass walls and real tree trunks are a nod to the idea of the money tree. Fittings were re-purposed from other parts of everyday life - such as the petrol funnels used as light-shades, second hand clocks and the styrofoam-cup light sculpture. Almost all furniture in-store was by New Zealand designers. Resene Half Stack decorates the walls and skirting with details in Resene Kiwibank Green.


In contrast, the postal offering is designed for maximum user simplicity and speed of fulfilment. The Simple Sending stations – in Resene New Zealand Post Red and Resene Alabaster - are in line with the brand colours and were designed to be a crisp, no-fuss format that allowed for as little queuing as possible and an easy and secure sending transaction. The environment has been designed to optimise the use of modules, allowing the postal offering to be adapted into hosted environments offering higher functionality and a smaller, more intuitive footprint, creating a wider reach for New Zealand all at a lower cost to serve.

Neutral colours such as Resene Barely There - used for the toilets and kitchenette wall recess helped balance out the brand colours and natural finishes. The overall effect being an in store experience that speaks to a new vision in retail banking.

New Zealand Post

Colour swatch
Resene Half Stack
Colour swatch
Resene Alabaster
Colour swatch
Resene Barely There

Building Contractor: Maintain It
Design Directors: Clark Pritchard, Sven Baker
Spatial Designers: Stacey Mitchell and Bridget Taylor
Photographer: Katrina Rees
Other Key Contributors: Sven Baker, Paul Johnson

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