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Stage 1 is the first of three stages and the colour philosophy developed here will form a campus wide strategy of colours, finishes and materials.

Avondale College exterior

Avondale College, the second biggest high school in the country is a multi cultural school with a fascinating history and started its life as an American military hospital close to the end of WWII. Jasmax are working with the college on a significant rebuilding programme across the entire campus. Stage 1 is the first of three stages and the colour philosophy developed here will form a campus wide strategy of colours, finishes and materials.

This strategy's colour ranges and tones are informed by colour application in the existing college as client and architect consider a connection with the past as essential to reach into the future.

  • A range of neutrals works in combination with a range of signal tones and their colour co-ordinated materials and finishes.
  • The neutral tones across the project ensure cohesion and consistency.
  • The use of varying signal colours allows us to underline a variety of building identities and integrated with planning, architectural and landscaping strategies assists us to to create a 'place', aiding recognition and orientation.
  • The Breezeways are treated as markers with dedicated signal colours for ease of orientation on a campus this size.
  • The applied colour strategy already proves to successfully aid the formation of an architectural ensemble consisting of the three intrinsically different buildings of Avondale College Project, Stage 1.
Colourful school exterior

The project incorporates this original hospital building 'D Block', which has been fully refurbished. The colour selection is sympathetic to a traditional colour scheme of the forties and will be applied across the school's older buildings as they come up for maintenance and repainting.

We are using the Resene colours Double Parchment for external walls and Resene Alabaster for eaves and soffits.

Colourful classroom design

A strong contemporary twist enriches this building by emphasising the punched through Breezeway forming one of the main campus thoroughfares. The use of bold multiple red tones in the High Pressure Laminate cladding Fundermax used here and for the corridor entry signals their function.

The decks are natural finished pine with a seating edge in Saligna lending it warmth and highlighting its form.

Avondale College - outdoor walkway
Avondale College - outdoor walkway 2

The canopy is inspired by the flight path of the Godwits crossing between Waitemata to Manukau Harbour to capture the difference in tides for feeding on the exposed mud flats. They also migrate across huge distances around the globe. An analogy was drawn from these birds and our human inhabitation of New Zealand, Auckland, and Avondale. "We all come to this place from someplace else".

The canopy's band-sawn plywood soffit is laid in a herringbone base pattern at 45 degrees to form a woven mat effect. A highlight stain in Resene Totem Pole has been applied around the skylights to heighten their presence.

Along the centreline of the space created by the canopy and the two buildings, the distinctive 'V' columns supporting the roof were originally painted in Resene Limerick.

This bright and lively green was selected to act as a marker and to draw our attention into the space and energise it with its vibrancy against the canopy above. This since has been toned down to match the roof and barge flashings in Resene Half Tana as it was perceived to conflict with the soffit pattern.

In the interior of the Maths and D-Block a range of materials work together and provide a light and contemporary colour palette that will be applied across all stages of the project. Again, a range of neutral tones and highlighting signal colours are co-ordinated across materials and finishes thus allowing each classroom, though very similar in design, to become more identifiable by their chosen signal colour.

Resene Red Berry, Resene Matisse, Resene Chelsea Cucumber and Resene Hero applied to the classroom doors announce the room's signal tone to the corridor.

The neutral tone Resene Buttery White from the Karen Walker Collection to the interior walls performs beautifully in all lighting conditions and delivers as a base canvas. The lively monochromatic scheme of the students' bathrooms matches Tarkett sheet vinyl and Laminex HPL partitions. For the boys it is Orange and the girls Green.

Colours used: Resene Alabaster, Resene Buttery White, Resene Chelsea Cucumber, Resene Diesel, Resene Double Parchment, Resene Half Tana, Resene Hero, Resene Limerick, Resene Matisse, Resene Red Berry, Resene Totem Pole.

Products used: Resene Armourcote 220, Resene Enamacryl, Resene Lustacryl, Resene Sonyx 101, Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, Resene Uracryl 403, Resene Woodsman, Resene Zylone Sheen.

Architectural Specifier: Hamish Boyd (Department Director), Justin Evatt (Project Architect), Sigrid de Vrij, Jasmax Ltd
Building Contractor: Alliance Construction
Painting Contractor: NTP Decorators
Photographer: Photographer: Justin Evatt

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