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the old lady’s new dress

Mt Maunganui

In 2002, along came the Brennans with an adventurous plan to help Trouville fit into the new millennium.

Once upon a time there was a little old bach at Mt Maunganui called Trouville. In fact, going way back 75 years, it was one of only five beachfront properties. Wonderful! But as time passed the little bach wasn’t beachfront anymore and was getting tired.

Dark grey bach exterior

So, in 2002, along came the Brennans with an adventurous plan to help Trouville fit into the new millennium. But what to do – everyone loved her uniqueness and everyone, it seemed, had a story about her past to tell.

Thoughts about tearing her down to replace with a sparkly new home didn’t sit well with the Brennans as they loved Trouville for what she was and what she meant to the Mount. She had survived all this time and they wanted to keep it that way.

Trouville bach

Trouville bach exterior

So, after much consideration, in 2019 a plan evolved to add a new modern pod via a linking walkway from the old renovated building – that way the facade could remain at the forefront of the building with Trouville in full view.

Having travelled extensively overseas and lived in the tropics, the Brennans loved the idea of an internal private courtyard and this Moroccan-style feature became an integral part of the design process.

Neutral bach interior

Drawings were put in place by Robin Baillie Architecture and Phil Mouldey, from Wave Construction, was engaged to complete the new pod and renovations. After nine months, the Brennans moved back in. They now live in their modern, but not too modern, little bach, not quite beachfront but still a treasured part of the Mount landscape and its history. But the greatest pleasure has come from neighbours and strangers alike appreciating Trouville’s new look and being openly pleased that she was not pulled down. They, along with the Brennans, are happy that Trouville’s distinctive heart remains beating along with their stories.

Working with a 75 year old bach with a modern addition that needs new life, half modern, half art deco, how do you meld the two together?

Modern bathroom

Modern bach bathroom

The name ‘Trouville’ was really important – everyone knew the name of the bach, where it was, what it looked like. So, it had to be forefront, hence the dramatic bold Resene Double Mondo with contrasting Titania capped pelmets, window aluminium and name. Resene Double Mondo was also the closest match to the Weathered Copper roofing iron chosen.

Internally soothing, embracing, warm, older style colours were chosen so that layers could be put on layers. Old, inviting, but also new. This was combined with ideas and products from overseas travels for an eclectic warmth and a touch of luxury.

Grey and white patio

Renovated to modern standards the wet areas, the kitchen and architraves are now coated in waterborne enamels for practicality. Resene Akaroa features throughout, co-ordinating perfectly with the tiles chosen in the wet areas and then it also follows through into the living area for continuity. The interior is finished in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen for durability and ease of maintenance. Architraves and ceiling areas are finished in Resene Merino. The master bedroom continues the neutral colour palette in Resene Artisan.

Brown and white interior

Neutral interior

Old style ‘pressed tin’ look paintable wallpapers from Resene have been coated to protect them from the wear and tear of modern living. Again, they look old, yet new, in their updated colours.

The faux rust panel in the courtyard is simply a play on a timber look, old and imperfect finished in Resene FX Faux Rust Effect.

Modern bach patio

Neutral living room

This old bach needed a new look with just a touch of style to bring her well into the new millennium. Nothing too flashy… but enough so she can still wistfully remember being beachfront.

There were large cracks in the old stucco. Resene X-200 weathertight membrane in Resene Double Mondo was applied successfully to hide these and disguise where new plaster had been added to hide previous damage. External Axon panels are painted in Resene Lumbersider low sheen waterborne paint in Resene Double Mondo and Resene Titania.

The linking roof joining the old and new was almost impossible to draw technically and had to be thought out on site in situ to meet with Council requirements. It is now a seamless thoroughfare from old to new.

Architectural specifier: Robin Baillie Architecture
Building contractor: Wave Construction
Client: Lorraine and Phil Brennan
Interior designer: LBDesign
Painting contractor: ATD Painters Ltd
Photographer: Lorraine Brennan
Roofing and reconstruction of external pelmets: IronClad Roofing
Project: Resene Total Colour Awards 2020

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Resene Total Colour Awards 2020


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