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Travis Medical Centre

From the Resene Total Colour Awards gallery — Christchurch

Travis Medical is a busy, existing general medical practice which serves a diverse socio-economic demographic.

It is sited in the earthquake damaged eastern suburb of New Brighton, Christchurch next to the QE11 Sports Centre and the new Shirley Boys’ High/Avonside Girls’ High Schools.

Travis medical centre
Waiting room

The brief was to enlarge and re-energise the tired, earthquake damaged practice. O’Donnell & Cameron Design was approached by the Travis Medical Centre partners to work alongside the architect, Richard Stanton, to refine the interior layout and create the overall aesthetic concept. The practice has three partners and although they had a common goal they each had a slightly different set of priorities regarding budget and design, which were brought together in a collaboration of all thoughts.

The design team decided the renovation should be in keeping with the era of the single storeyed brick building, so the building would feel ‘authentic’. They specified the new addition be clad in brick, to match the existing, finished in a bagged brick technique. The aesthetic was organic/natural with a botanical undertone. The overall palette for the exterior of the building was off white with matt black accents and rough sawn cedar.

The original interior scheme was very heavy and oppressive. Dark charcoal carpet tiles, maroon red joinery and dark taupe furniture dominated the reception area with very little natural light.

Seating area
Waiting room

Because of the new combined school being built next door and the imminent influx of young patients, it was decided to create a fresh, youthful and airy environment. The practice has a high mixed ethnicity and all needed to feel welcome.

A botanical theme wallpaper was chosen for the back wall of the reception area with a monochromatic palette in keeping with the exterior of the building. Subtle hints of colour within this wallpaper were ultimately reflected in the furnishings, bespoke patient screening curtains and most importantly in the feature stripe of Resene Quarter Powder Blue and Resene Hokey Pokey painted on the hallway walls.

The key colours are greyed sky blue, autumnal bold yellow and dark muddy brown with an accent of pale marled pink. The palette contrasts with the light natural timber joinery and the freshness of Resene Quarter Rice Cake to create a tranquil environment for staff and patients. The paint finishes are Environmental Choice approved from Resene Zylone Sheen on main wall areas, through to Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom for extra protection against bacteria and mould in the bathrooms.

Signage toilets
Medical room

Extra colour was added into the nursing consulting rooms with Resene Quarter Powder Blue and the bathrooms with a feature in Resene Quarter Fuscous Grey.

The carpet tile chosen relates to the colour of the exterior cedar cladding. The carpet had sufficient pattern to conceal any marking from foot traffic and a colour palette that wasn’t too dominating so it would work with the airy/organic concept.

This is a working practice so from the outset the renovation had to be constantly mindful and respectful of patient privacy. As the renovation progressed different areas were screened off and fully completed before opening up the next. This extended the project but also brought up many logistical challenges.

180 overview
180 overview

Architectural specifier: Richard Stanton
Building contractor: Takahe Construction
Client: Travis Medical Centre
Interior designer: O’Donnell & Cameron Design
Painting contractor: Paech Construction

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