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The brief was to make a stylish but sombre home a little lighter at heart for its new owner; a freshen up that changes the personality of the home while keeping the basic feel.

Lounge and deck

The new owner wanted the four storey home to retain its texturality, especially with the use of wallpaper, and the palette to remain neutral but limited to black, white and grey to complement the new artwork. A fresh look and feel was requested that would work in seamlessly with existing areas that were to be retained, including the drapes and kitchen.

Lounge with wallpaper feature wall

The main living room has limited natural light so the new colour palette needed to create brightness from within. Layers of black, white and grey have been used to soften the feel of the home and create an illusion of extra light and space.

The large black and white Cockatoo artwork centrepiece in the living area was the inspiration for colour and texture for this renovation. Resene Wan White was pulled out of the picture’s neutral tones and used for the panelled walls and Anaglypta wallpaper. The gentle patterning of the bird’s feathers provided inspiration for using the Resene Interior Affairs wallpaper, both texturally and tonally. The glass fronted display cabinet is the only dark tone retained in the living/dining room.

Artwork inspired wallpaper


Grey bathroom

Grey bathroom and toilet

Painted Resene Blackjack it is the perfect backdrop for light-up art glass. It also creates a shadowing effect behind the fireplace painted in Resene Double Concrete. Covering the long 8 metre wall in the Resene Interior Affairs wallpaper opens up the space making the living/dining room feel larger but intimate at the same time. The ceilings are finished in Resene Double Alabaster, a go to choice for ceilings that works with just about anything you want to put on the walls.

Continuing the greys, kitchen cabinetry is in Resene Quarter Friar Grey, a bedroom wall in Resene Double Concrete and bathroom shutters in Resene Double Cod Grey. Resene Lusta-Glo has been used for this grey features in wet areas, adding a semi-gloss sheen contrast.

Dinning kitchen


Outside bbq area

Bbq area

Resene Wan White is also repeated outside on a deck wall feature, complementing the Resene Tana weatherboards, deck finished in Resene Furniture and Decking Oil and Resene Nutmeg stained wooden balustrade. Resene Nutmeg is repeated in the courtyard to link spaces together teamed with dark Resene Crowshead on the fence. This deep black is used on the fence and deck linking back to the Resene Blackjack of the elegant display cabinet.

It is a circular palette with colours flowing through the interior and exterior spaces.

Architectural specifier: Kelly Gammie
Painting contractor: Beacon Services
Photographer: John Mailley

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