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This Holiday Inn project aimed to transform an existing three star hotel creating a memorable experience for guests and visitors.

This Holiday Inn project aimed to transform an existing three star hotel creating a memorable experience for guests and visitors, building on the heritage, community and cultural significance of the site and alignment to the Holiday Inn positioning. The client brief included a modern interpretation of NZ/Pacifica design where guests and visitors know they are in a New Zealand hotel rather than being anywhere in the world.

Holiday inn hotel



Colour was vital to assisting in telling the Holiday Inn story and this was expressed this through the materials and finishes used in clever and creative ways, such as painted tongue and groove walls, carpet, terrazzo, fabrics to soft seating and cushions, rug designs, turquoise painted ceilings, colour details in lighting, accessories, books, objects and artwork.

The design team began with the idea of ‘A Welcoming Heart.’ The open space on the site is all about welcoming, connecting the community and creating a common hub for the city.

Details - lights, cushions.


Flox mural

The New Zealand/Pacifica brief was interpreted into a modern and contemporary solution through colour. Taking inspiration from iconic classic kiwi heritage colours and mixing these subdued colours with brighter colours inspired from the Pacific. This combination has allowed the spaces to be engaging, fun and adaptable with an injection of modern New Zealand, heart and soul.

The overall style is creative, relaxed, inviting and unique.

The carpet design is based on a modern and bold Pacifica pattern. Colour, pattern and scale are used to differentiate between the various areas and to assist with wayfinding.

Inside and outside seating


Seating space

Two physical large mood boards were created to clarify the intent and for client approval. Once this was achieved the boards were referred to throughout the design process to ensure the look kept on track and didn’t defer at any point – which is easy to do with a large long running project.

All the designed spaces throughout, although different, share the same design colour language achieving consistency and clarity throughout.

Brights and pastel tones were carefully combined to create considered, vibrant, playful yet calm interiors. Resene Emerge features in the reception area, before moving to more neutral walls in Resene Transmission, Resene Athens Grey and Resene White. Toilet doors are highlighted with Resene Seachange and Resene Sakura. The striking turquoise feature ceiling is in Resene Atoll.

The original central core was fully enclosed and raised three steps. Demolishing the surrounding walls and taking this floor down to one level transformed the heart of the hotel, opening it up, connecting it to all the other public spaces and flooding it with light. Colours in materials and finishes were also teamed with bespoke NZ flora and fauna artwork pieces for key spaces created by New Zealand artist Flox. The vibrancy, richness and Pacific flavours of these colourful works makes these commissions an integral part of the Holiday Inn experience.

Cosy seating space

Seating in garden room

Building contractor: Format
Client: Cockpit International
Interior designer: Erini Compton, Clark Pritchard, Andrew Wilkie, Kirsty Vance, Designworks Interiors Team
Photographer: Kat Reeves

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