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just like a jewel

In purchasing this house in 1981, the intention was preservation from developers and restoration as an early 20th Century (circa. 1905) cottage. Originally it was one of seven cottages in a row.

Over the time, the house has been maintained structurally but lack of finances meant the house was not completed, decoratively. Recent earthquake repairs gave the opportunity to continue and complete improvements.

1905 cottage

The house was vertically lifted 3.5 metres by King House Removals to install new TC3 foundations. The veranda has new macrocarpa timber and a new roof has been installed.

Wooden hand rails were added to all steps at the front, to one side of the veranda and at the back door in a simple style in keeping with the unpretentiousness of the house.

Blue side of house

Red front door

The intention was to have a house that glowed like a jewel, surrounded by the various greens of trees and shrubs, and the bright splashes of wild flowers.

Owner Lizzie searched for a blue like the audio-visual blue that was commonplace on monitors and television screens and found the perfect hue in Resene Mariner. It is a blue against which green plants and trees look vibrant.

Cottage posts

Red front door

Lizzie was keen to pick out wood features in the construction of the house so chose colours that contrasted with the blue. Resene Drover fit the bill as a sunny yellow and a search for an earth-related orange resulted in Resene Gold Drop.

The finished home is a jewel box of colours with weatherboards in Resene Mariner, trims and joinery in Resene Drover, window sashes and veranda details in Resene Gold Drop, a welcoming front door in Resene Guardsman Red, a front doorstep in Resene Forest Green, a deliberately surprising back door in Resene Kingfisher Daisy and a back doorstep in Resene Hot Chile. All wall areas were painted in Resene Lumbersider low sheen waterborne enamel with Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel on trim and joinery.

Red front door

Orange window detail

Building contractor: Feutz & Goldsmith
Foundations: Solid Bearing Ltd
House lifting: King House Removals (lifted the house 3.5 metres for TC3 foundation work)
Owner: Lizzie Cook
Painting contractor: Feutz & Goldsmith
Photographer: Nicki Bell, Anjie Connon
Project: Resene Total Colour Awards 2019

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