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Colours with Love

‘Colours with Love’ are palette kits with colour combinations for interior environments designed to take the guesswork out of combining colours; a colour-consultancy-in-a-box.

These colour palettes can solve the problem of a colour selection for an entire house, or simply provide the answer to the question “What colour shall I paint my front door to go with an existing colour scheme?”.

Colours with Love palette kit

With over 25 years’ experience in colour design, Peta Tearle’s underlying intention is to help people love the space in which they reside, to adore their colours, hence why the palettes are named ‘Colours with Love’.

The kits include colour combinations ranging from cool, gentle, calm and dreamy, to warm, strong, perky and intense; plus an option for the customer to be guided through a selection process to identify a suitable palette for them and how to use it in their home, and/or have a palette extended and personalised.

Colour cards

Each ‘Colours with Love‘ palette of 10 colours is chosen so that its colours confidently co-exist. The whole of each palette can be used in association with each other, a single colour, or a random selection because the colours have been finely tuned to combine in any combination without predetermining the numbers.

One of the toughest dilemmas faced in colour design is “which white will go well with the other colours I want to use?” Each ‘Colours with Love’ palette has at least one white to take the guesswork out.

Kit contents, how to use

One of the most important elements in making a beautiful living space is the combination of colours and the way they interact to convey unspoken and unwritten ideas and emotions. The ‘Colours with Love’ palettes are named according to the mood their combination suggests and allow selection from an emotional point of view with flexibility, creativity and confidence.

Because not all of us are able to enlist expert help to guide us through the design process toward a successful result, or cannot afford the time/money/inconvenience of mistakes, these kits are offered as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution so that more people can experience the wellbeing of living with colours that work well together.

Over 180 Resene colours are used throughout the palettes, a collection of colours that Peta has found work well in interior spaces in her experience.

Colours with Love
Colour selection: Peta Tearle
hotographer – product: Rebekah Taylor, Rise Creative
Photographer – brochure/examples: Michael Ng
Website/brand design: Rebekah Taylor, Rise Creative
Project: Resene Total Colour Awards 2015

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