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The Art of Furniture

From the Resene Total Colour Awards gallery

‘The Art of Furniture’ is a pop art project that functions both as art and multi-purpose furniture.

Hang your hat, place key rings, put books or newspapers, hang diffusers, stick post-its of grocery shopping lists or important information you need to remember.

Pop art diagramme green

The design idea was inspired by daily life and watching family members’ routines to bring a positive and playful vibe to daily routines.

To simplify remembering everything you need to take with you and remember each day, the pop art furniture and painting creates an enthusiastic play that can simplify the routine of leaving and returning home. Its purpose is to create playfulness and curiosity within the interior space and unlock the gateway to imagination. The scent is one of the powerful elements that affects human senses, body and mind. A diffuser hanger is included as one of the elements of the designed furniture to enlighten people’s senses and to heal them.

Pop art instructions
Pop art orange wall
Pop art blue wall
Pop art purple wall

A favourite café gives a feeling of “I’m home”. Its space, furniture, light, smell of food, music and people gave the inspiration for the colour palette with a mixture of bold and calm colours.

Colour is a key feature to bring a cheerful and playful vibe to welcome and farewell people from the home, using a palette of Resene Anchor, Resene Bird Flower, Resene Caesar, Resene Niagara, Resene Outrageous, Resene Poppy, Resene Salem, Resene Space Cadet and Resene Sweet Pink.

Pop art diagramme blue
Pop art diagramme pink

Meeting people who have different cultural backgrounds and occupations, listening to their stories of life gave insights into designs and ideas for this project. In the end, they all come out from their homes and go back into their homes.

‘The Art of Furniture’ is a painting that has a function of both art and furniture. It brings imagination and interaction between people and objects within a space providing them with convenience and playful colour as the go about their daily life routines.

Colour selection: Chae Yun Christine Park

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