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saw tooth villa


The existing dwelling was a worker’s cottage, typical of the era and area, with a symmetrical street elevation composed of windows either side of the entry door and central steps that lead up from the street all framed by eaves, deck and balustrade.

Villa exterior garden room

The back was a typically pokey dark lean-to and this was where the majority of the work was to be done. The brief involved extending the back of the house to create more open living spaces that related to the rear yard and views.

In looking for an appropriate method to extend the house, referencing the history of the area and the house made sense. Rather than trying to extrude the existing form and materials to cover the extension, it was decided to celebrate the change and embrace a saw toothed roof form using exposed steel framing and concrete floors, reminiscent of factories of the time.

Villa extension front view

The extension is essentially open plan but recognises the central hallway with rooms either side. The back end of the extension is staggered creating outdoor ‘deck rooms’. This idea is continued in the rear yard where a central path leads right to the back fence, leading you out into the surrounds with ‘grass rooms’ either side. An impression of progressive erosion of enclosure becomes stronger as you walk through the home, from formal existing to open plan new to semi closed decks to open yard.

Villa exterior living
Villa old and new roofline

The design team wanted to celebrate the materials and help identify each space within the small home using colour.

Resene Blaze was chosen for the steel framing, referencing the aged version of this material, often seen within the factories of yester year.

Villa kitchen
Villa - outside living

The kitchen and dining walls were given a rich buttery ochre using Resene Butter, warming the materials and areas adjacent. Contrasting this the cabinetry looks crisp in Resene Dusted Blue, bridging the gap between the concrete and plasterboard palettes.

The remainder of the home consists of more private areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Resene Tasman was selected for these spaces to help them feel serene, intimate and delicate.

Villa bedroom
Villa dining room

The front of the house was touched lightly with new colour and retaining that relates to, and gives a hint of, the transformation that lies beyond. The existing villa street façade was treated delicately using Resene Rice Cake, with Resene All Black, Resene Baltic Sea and Resene Atmosphere.

Designing with heritage and new architecture always provides challenges. When mixing the materials and age of a 100 year old building with a new extension created of steel and concrete a considered approach is vital.

Villa exterior dining room
Villa - lounge and outside

Colour is a great ally when approaching these type of projects; it can lift certain restraints allowing creativity to flow, make connections between old and new, and allow a small space to have defined purposes. All of these colour tools were used within this project, ensuring the clients loved their new home.

Architectural specifier: John Holley and Jonathan Smith, matter
Building contractor: Kerry Chapman
Photographer: Simon Devitt
Project: Resene Total Colour Awards 2018

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Resene Total Colour Awards 2018


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