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The Happy Yellow bach is situated at Hudson’s Beach on the Awhitu Peninsula on Auckland’s Manukau Harbour in a small rural beach community surrounded by properties which are generally decorated sympathetically with the environment.

The bach was originally part of a transit house which was built in World War II. It was relocated from Auckland to Hudson’s Beach in the early 1960s and had been in the same family until being sold to its new owner last year.

The happy yellow bach, Awhitu.

The new owner wanted to modernise and revitalise the interior and exterior of the bach but still keep the integrity and character of an iconic kiwi bach.

The bach was bought to be a happy place where the family and grandchildren could enjoy the relaxing beach environment. Happy brings up thoughts of yellow which led to the idea of wanting to paint the exterior yellow. After considering several different mellow yellows which were dismissed as not being happy enough, they found Resene Happy – a colour that was meant to be.

Back stairwell

Back deck

Side deck

Front deck

Resene Happy brought memories of brightly coloured boat sheds. Seeking a blue to complement the yellow, Resene Blue Zodiac was chosen for its metallic component, which would sparkle in the sun. It was also chosen for the low front fence and accentuated with a bright happy yellow corrugated street number.

The brightness of the yellow resulted in plenty of reactions from the locals and neighbours. Most thought the Irishman was just having a joke on them. While it was being painted it didn’t have many fans from the local residents, however once complete most have admitted it has grown on them and it has made many other places look dull and boring. One beach resident commented that they really liked it but wouldn’t have the nerve to do it themselves.

One of the neighbours who lives there permanently said that while the painting was being done people would drive along the road, stop outside to look and some even got out and took photos. It is now a landmark and when giving directions to their place they use the yellow house as a point of reference.

Bird detail on wall

Bird detail on wall

New black aluminium joinery was installed for durability in the salt air environment and to highlight the yellow weatherboards. The roof and corner angles were painted blue to accentuate and contrast with the vibrant yellow. The exterior also features colourful corrugated iron pukekos and a new driveway of white crushed shell.

Inside a crisp white kitchen and bathroom were installed. Many Resene testpots were applied before deciding on the final selection for the interior of Resene Pattens Blue, which provides a soft ambience.

With five months of work completed, the owners can now enjoy their happy bach.

Building contractor: Keith Walker Construction
Colour selection: Paul Martin and Marion Walker
Painting contractor: Universal Décor

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