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Resene versions of Pantone© colours, 274-398

Resene can provide Resene versions of most Pantone© colours, using Resene paints, tinters and formulations.

We already have Resene versions on file for the colours below. These can be tinted for you at all Resene ColorShops and selected Resene resellers. If you need a colour not in this list, please contact your local Resene representative or Resene ColorShop and they can assist getting the Resene colour made for you. There is no cost for this colour match service. A Pantone© fandeck is available at most Resene ColorShops for viewing.

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Due to the difference in production process between Pantone© printed fandecks and Resene paint, the colour matches may be metameric to the fandeck – i.e. they can look different in natural vs artificial lighting due to the difference between ink and paint production. For the colours noted interior or exterior these have been matched for those uses only. Always check a physical sample of the colour before making your final choice.

PMS 274C – PMS 398C

Page ›  0-270 | 274-398 | 400-547 | 548-1815 | 1817-4515 | 4535-7546 | 7547-8700 | Black, warm/cool grey...

PMS 274C

PMS 275C

PMS 276C

PMS 277C


PMS 278U

PMS 280C

PMS 280U

PMS 281C

PMS 282C

PMS 282U

PMS 283C

PMS 284C

PMS 285C

PMS 286C

PMS 287C

PMS 288C

PMS 288U

PMS 289C

PMS 290C

PMS 291C

PMS 292C

PMS 293C

PMS 294C

PMS 294U

PMS 295C

PMS 295U

PMS 296C

PMS 297C

PMS 298C

PMS 298U

PMS 299C

PMS 300C

PMS 300U

PMS 301C

PMS 302C

PMS 303C

PMS 304C

PMS 305C

PMS 305U

PMS 306C

PMS 307C

PMS 308C

PMS 309U

PMS 311C

PMS 311U

PMS 312C

PMS 313C

PMS 314C

PMS 315C

PMS 316C

PMS 319C

PMS 320C

PMS 321C

PMS 323C

PMS 324C

PMS 325C

PMS 326C

PMS 327C

PMS 329C

PMS 330C

PMS 331C

PMS 334C

PMS 339C

PMS 341C

PMS 342C

PMS 342U

PMS 343C

PMS 344C

PMS 346C

PMS 347C

PMS 348C

PMS 349C

PMS 351U

PMS 353C

PMS 355C

PMS 356C

PMS 356U

PMS 357U

PMS 359C

PMS 360C

PMS 360U

PMS 361C

PMS 362C

PMS 362U

PMS 363C

PMS 364C

PMS 366C

PMS 368C

PMS 369C Interior

PMS 369C

PMS 370C

PMS 371C

PMS 373C

PMS 375C

PMS 376C

PMS 378C

PMS 380C

PMS 381C

PMS 382C

PMS 382U

PMS 383C

PMS 384C

PMS 385C

PMS 387C

PMS 390C

PMS 392C

PMS 395C

PMS 396C

PMS 397C

PMS 398C

Page ›  0-270 | 274-398 | 400-547 | 548-1815 | 1817-4515 | 4535-7546 | 7547-8700 | Black, warm/cool grey...


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.