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Key things to consider when designing your Resene SmartTouch system:

Position and accessibility

  • Who will use the system and how?
  • What heights do you need to consider?

Size and shape

  • Up to a maximum of 2 metres
  • Smaller areas work better.
    • For small children, use an area of less than one square metre for consistent operation. 
  • You decide the shape of the touch area. For most a horizontal band works best.
  • Side-by-side Active Areas with a small gap between them can be configured to function as one larger surface.
  • Coating over joints and around internal or external corners is possible, apply an extra layer of coating on external corners to ensure sufficient film build.
    • Any areas separated by complete breaks will not work. Ensure there is a continuous layer of Resene SmartTouch conductive coating
  • Use stripes to connect a larger active area to the Smartlink cable or to pass around wall cut-outs. A connecting stripe must be:
    • 400mm or more in width for large areas
    • 100mm or more in width for small areas

Invisible or visible

  • Choose invisible for a seamless finish. Simply coat over the Active Area in your normal wall colour.
  • Or, the Active Area can be highlighted by using a different colour, wallpaper or by painting a border or frame so users can see where to tap.

Lighting operation requirements

  • Use the single and double tap options to switch lights on and off.
  • Choose a timer function if required
    • This may be activated to turn lights off after a preset time from 1 minute to 4 hours.
  • Two-way or multi-way switching is optional with standard switches located elsewhere or with other Active Areas.
  • Control multiple lighting circuits from one controller
  • Network multiple controllers to control lights connected to other controllers. Networks are currently limited to Bluetooth range, approx 10 metres.

Location of Smartlink cable

  • Must be accessible to the electrical installer and have mains wiring nearby.
  • Usually attached behind an existing switchplate or close to the ceiling, floor or wall edge.
  • When installed outside of a switchplate the cable can be surface-mounted or buried in the substrate.
    • Cover surface-mounted connections with architectural features such as architraves.

Avoid earthed metal

  • The Resene SmartTouch system will not operate effectively when installed in close proximity to earthed metals such as steel framing, reinforced concrete or steel beams and columns.

Take care with electrical clearances

  • Maintain minimum clearances and creepage distances from electrical connections and metal parts/screws forming part of electrical installations for safety reasons.
  • Allow a minimum of 6mm between screws or live parts and Resene SmartTouch conductive coating and/or the Smartlink connector pad.
  • Do not apply Resene SmartTouch conductive coating directly beneath the location of electrical fixings e.g. lights or switchplates with metal construction.
  • When installing Smartlink behind switchplates, always use an Application Template to avoid being too close to live parts or parts that may become live.
    • Templates are available for PDL 600 and PDL Iconic switchplates.
    • If using an alternative switchplate that is incompatible with the Application Templates, do not apply Resene SmartTouch conductive coating behind the switchplate (with the exception of an area used for recessed mounting of the Smartlink cable). See the alternate installation instructions or the video showing a variety of suitable methods.

Watch the Painting Resene SmartTouch video for more information

Apartment interior
Modern lounge


Turn your wall into a light switch with Resene SmartTouch. Resene SmartTouch conductive coating is designed to turn an area up to two square metres into an invisible switch using technology adapted from touch screens...

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