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Save your paint from light showers

From the Resene product range, Resene Umbrella Additive

To give you some added protection against light showers Resene has created Resene Umbrella Additive, an additive for exterior waterborne coatings providing rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has dried.

Resene Umbrella additive

Once applied, a coating containing Resene Umbrella Additive quickly starts to build a protective shell that then extends throughout the whole coating. Water is able to evaporate from the coating allowing it to dry but light showers simply roll off leaving the still-drying coating firmly attached to the substrate. The Umbrella Effect will work in light showers only. Exterior painting should not be undertaken when medium or heavy rain is expected during the paint’s drying phase.

It’s easy to use – simply add to your paint before you apply it for the day. Thoroughly mix Resene Umbrella Additive into paint and begin painting following the instructions for the Resene paint you are using. The addition of Resene Umbrella Additive does not alter the application recommendations for temperature or humidity limitations for a given product. Paint containing Resene Umbrella Additive should be used the same day for best results.

Comparison results of dosed and undosed white paint:

  Umbrella Effect – White paints (20°C, windless day, indirect radiation)
  Dose Rate (vol%) With Umbrella Additive Without Umbrella Additive % Drying Time Reduction
Sonyx 101 White 4 15 min 30 min 50
Summit Roof White 4 10 min 40 min 75
Lumbersider White 8 25 min 40 min 38
Lustacryl White 2 15 min 40 min 63
X-200 White 2 10 min 30 min 67

Guide table (mid humidity, windless day, indirect solar radiation):

  Dose rate range White and pastels Other tones
  Low High 20-25°C 10-15°C 20-25°C 10-15°C
  ml/L ml/L Low dose only Low dose High dose Low dose High dose
Lumbersider 40 80 25-30 min do not use do not use 30-40 min do not use >40 min
Lustacryl 20 60 15-20 min 20-25 min 15-20 min 15-20 min >30 min 20-35 min
Sonyx 101 40 80 15-20 min 20-25 min do not use 20-30 min do not use >35 min
Summit Roof 40 80 10-15 min 15-20 min 20-30 min 15-25 min >30 min >25 min
X-200 20 40 10-15 min 15-20 min 15-20 min 10-15 min >25 min 20-30 min
Wintergrade Lumbersider 60 80   25-35 min 25-35 min (temperature range 5-10°C)

The times in the guide table are indicative only – temperature, humidity, airflow and substrate elevation will affect these times although Resene Umbrella Additive is designed to work at high humidity where water evaporation is significantly reduced. Increased airflow and/or increased temperature will dramatically decrease the indicated times and elevations receiving direct solar radiation will also result in a decrease in time required to achieve the Umbrella Effect.

Not all Resene products are compatible with Resene Umbrella Additive and the dosage rate varies by product. Ensure you read and check the dosage before you start and follow the instructions.

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