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Stick em up

From the Resene product range, Resene Magnetic Magic

Turn your walls into magnetic boards with Resene FX Magnetic Magic.

Resene Magnetic Magic

Keen to display information on your walls or decorate the space without damaging the wall with nasty pin holes or tape? Then Resene FX Magnetic Magic is just what you need.

Creating a magnetic masterpiece is easy – simply prepare and prime the surface, apply Resene FX Magnetic Magic and topcoat in your favourite Resene colour. The smoother the finish and the thicker the application, the stronger the magnetic effect will be. Once dry test your magnets on the Resene FX Magnetic Magic coating to ensure they adhere well before applying topcoats. If you wish to achieve a stronger magnetic effect apply an additional coat/s of product then retest with your magnets. Ensure you are happy with the magnetic effect before applying topcoats.

To avoid visible coating thickness differences between magnetic and non-magnetic areas, it is recommended that a complete wall or area be coated or that the edge of the magnetic area be decorated or framed to clearly delineate the available magnetic area.

Topcoat Resene FX Magnetic Magic in two coats of the standard Resene acrylic topcoat of your choice. Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel is the recommended topcoat for maximum durability and a choice of thousands of colours. Resene FX Magnetic Magic is designed to be overcoated and may become damaged if used as a magnetic board without topcoat protection.

Resene Magnetic Magic

Resene Magnetic Magic is ideal for use in all interior areas where a magnetic area is required to affix magnets. The inclusion of iron oxides means that the product is extremely heavy for its volume, so all product is packed into small can sizes for ease of handling.

Resene FX Magnetic Magic is loaded with iron oxides for maximum magnetic effect. Once the topcoat has cured you can use high quality magnets to decorate your magnetic wall, or use magnetic strips on the back of posters and brochures to display them – all without damaging your walls. The weight of the item will determine the number and placement of the magnets. For maximum magnetic strength always use high quality magnets.

Ideal for homes, offices and schools.

Chalk it up

Turn your walls into blackboards or chalkboards with Resene FX Blackboard Paint

Resene FX Blackboard Paint is a premium washable waterborne finish that can be used to create a blackboard finish inside or out. Or choose from a range of colours tinted into Resene FX Chalkboard Paint.

Resene FX Blackboard Paint

Simply prepare and prime the wall and apply two coats of Resene FX Blackboard Paint or Resene FX Chalkboard Paint. For more colours, Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen may also be used as a chalkboard finish.

If space is limited combine Resene FX Magnetic Magic as the basecoat and Resene FX Blackboard Paint or Resene FX Chalkboard Paint as the topcoat and create a versatile magnetic blackboard.

Once you’ve done the hard work, you can decorate it to your heart’s content with chalk.

Cleaning up is child’s play... just dust the chalk away. Ideal for homes, offices, businesses and schools.

Let your ideas loose all over your walls with Resene Write-on Wall Paint

Turn your walls into whiteboards with Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint

Simply apply over your existing light coloured wall paint or if you’re looking for a colour change, apply your new colour then apply Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint over the top.

Resene Write-on Paint

Once dry and cured you can use whiteboard markers to write all over the wall without damaging the surface. And when it’s time to delete an idea just grab a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser, rub out the marker and start again.

Unlike normal whiteboards, Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint is designed to work with your existing décor by allowing the colour of your walls to show through the clear finish. So you can have a Resene Tea coloured whiteboard, a Resene Spanish White one or any other light Resene colour that you desire by simply changing the colour of the wall prior to applying clear Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint.

And if you’d prefer to have a dark colour, then you can apply that first, then Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint and once dry and cured you can write all over it using liquid chalk.

Use it in your kitchen to write your reminders, in your office for your to do list, in your conference room to share ideas and in your school for brainstorming, art and more. With Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint there’s no limit to your ideas.

Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint is supplied as a two part product suitable for application by DIY or tradespeople.

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