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Tradie tips: Stand out from the crowd

From the Resene Trade blog

When you're in the business of painting houses, keeping existing customers happy as well as expanding your client pool is a fine balance to strike. Between old and new clients, there are a few ways you can make your business stand out from the crowd.

If you're keen to win over big projects and boost your revenue, then be sure to put some of these suggestions into action!

How to make your business stand out from the crowd


Don't go ignoring other businesses in the area. Rather than turning a blind eye to your competition, you should actually get to know it extremely well.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to know what it is you're standing out from! Compare your business offering with others in your locality – are you more flexible, better equipped or more experienced than others? Perhaps you're a newcomer and don't have a very big client pool, but you've got a wealth of experience completing paint jobs involving tricky cutting-in work.

You might have fewer staff than other businesses (perhaps you work alone), but you make up for your lack of numbers with detailed knowledge regarding specialty paint products. Or maybe you only take on paint jobs, while others may have a 'jack of all trades, master of none' approach.

By comparing yourself against the competition, you'll quickly be able to work out what your unique selling propositions (USPs) are. And that's the next salient point…


That's right – you need to do more than just compare yourself against other trade businesses in the area. It's essential to hone in on differentiators between your business and other ones out there.

You'll never stand out if you're blending into the background like a wallflower. Find out what makes your business unique and play this up.

Sure, you'll still have other features in common with local tradespeople. But it's your USPs that you'll want to rely on when marketing your services to potential clients. And there we have the next important step…

Smart brochures

Once you've compared your business to others and worked out what makes your offering so special, you need to demonstrate this to your clients.

There's no point putting together a marketing plan if you don't act upon it. Producing smart brochures is a good way to show existing and potential clients what you offer and why you're the perfect tradesperson for the job, in a tangible manner.

But what should your brochure include? In order to make your business stand out, you need to make sure your brochure does the same. Clashing colours and mixed fonts can be jarring, so avoid these at all costs. Instead, pick strong hues akin to Resene Nero, Resene Roadster or Resene Supernova. If you've got a logo, be sure to include that on your brochure, business cards and even work vehicle for absolute consistency.

In terms of the information provided, make sure it's clearly written and free of spelling or grammatical errors. Provide enough information for clients to see what you offer and how you can help them, but don't opt for a tiny font and an overload of information. In this sense, balance is key.

Headings should be bold, to capture a reader's attention. Be sure to include essential contact information so interested homeowners can actually get in touch with you to organise renovations. This includes your daytime phone number as well as email address. If you've got a social media presence, include necessary details, whether it's your Facebook page name or Twitter handle.

Finally, remember to include a call to action. Do you want clients to call you, email you or simply drop round to your showroom or office (if applicable)? You might differentiate yourself by offering a free quote coupled with a discount on future jobs. Or perhaps you guarantee a certain level of client satisfaction. Whatever it is that makes your business stand out – and will encourage clients to pick up the phone – be sure to list it clearly on your brochures!

October 30, 2014

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