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Stay safe on your building site

From the Resene Trade blog

Tradespeople encounter a unique set of risks every time they step onto a jobsite. Whether it's navigating ladders, reaching high spots or dealing with flammable paints and fumes, there's plenty to be aware of.

Stay safe on your building site

Find out how to make your building or paint site a safer place for yourself and your fellow workers with these helpful hints.

Safety colours

Safety colours can be used to identify hazards and alert others of possible danger. Use these on signs, equipment and apparel to make sure all risks are clearly marked and highlighted to both employees and the public.

Resene has a handy list of paint colours and their suggested uses, so take a look at this when you're planning your signage. Resene Milano Red, for example, is recommended to be a "safety red" to highlight stop points, danger zones, and mark fire-fighting equipment.

It may be a good idea to utilise safety colours on your person, especially if you're working on or near roads to be visible to traffic. High-visibility vests are a great way to be seen by others near your site. Resene has high-visibility vests, polos and safety helmets available to help keep you and your workers safe.

Paint fumes

Painters who suffer from dizzy spells after long periods of indoor work can breathe a sigh of relief that there are now plenty of low-fume paints on the market. Resene Zylone Sheen and Resene Ceiling Paint are two such options, which have low odours to enable a more healthy paint experience.

Another great paint choice is Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, which has the Environmental Choice tick and low VOC levels. This makes it a more pleasant product to use than the solvent-heavy paints of old, plus the environment will benefit too.

Wherever possible, paint in well-ventilated areas and keep windows open to promote good air flow. This will have the added benefit of helping the paint to cure more quickly. If you are particularly susceptible to feeling dizzy or unwell when using paint, consider wearing a fume mask to minimise your risk.

Ladder safety

Ladders are handy to help reach tricky-to-reach spots, but misuse of the tools can lead to serious injury.

Before setting up the ladder, check that it's in good working order and all parts are locked in place. Erect it on a solid, even surface, and don't attempt to mount it if you are feeling dizzy or unwell. Extend the ladder as much as you need so you don't have to stand on the top rung to reach the desired spot – the lower you are down the ladder, the more stable you will be.

Follow the three-point rule when climbing or descending the ladder. This means the climber must be facing the ladder with either two hands and one food on the device, or two feet and one hand. Don't be tempted to overstretch. Instead climb down and move the ladder.

It's a good idea to keep a cellphone on you, especially if you are working alone. Then if you do have an accident you can summon help quickly. However make sure you save it for emergencies only.

March 3, 2014

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