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6 things clients are looking for when hiring a tradesperson

From the Resene Trade blog

When you're looking for your next work project, put yourself in your clients' shoes. Think about what they want from a tradesperson, then show them exactly how you tick all the boxes.

Tools for a tradie

Here are six of the top things anyone wants from a tradesperson, and how you can go about proving that you fit the bill.

1. Positive reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted kinds of marketing out there, so if you can generate positive reviews from past clients, this can greatly help with bringing in new ones. If you haven't already got one, set up a section on your company or personal website for reviews. Whenever a client is happy with your work, ask them to head online and write up a quick review of their experience. This could cover anything from your professionalism to the excellent workmanship of the project, and can help future clients to see an unbiased opinion of your work.

2. Work examples

As with many professions, examples of successful past projects are always a good way to prove your worth to a new client.

Whenever you finish a project, be sure to bring in a quality camera and snap a few photos with the client's permission. You can post the ones you are most proud of on your website or facebook page, or use one or two in any promotional materials. Even better, take a photo before you start work so you have an example of 'before-after' photos. This way, potential customers can physically see your workmanship. An example of a great job can be a good way to show new clients what you're capable of.

Show photos of your work

3. Insurance

It might not seem like much of a selling point, but having insurance can certainly help attract new customers.

Of course, you should have income protection to ensure that you still have an income should you be injured on the job. You should have liability insurance, which means that should the client's possessions or property become damaged during your work, your insurance plan will cover the costs of replacements or fixes.

This can help give customers peace of mind, and prove that you have all your bases covered just in case.

4. Written quotes and contracts

It's not uncommon for a tradesperson to say that a job will cost a certain amount or take a certain period of time, then change the price later. To reduce uncertainty, provide the client the price in writing and details of what this covers. Complications can and do often arise during a project, which should be outlined in the contract, but at least the client can feel more at ease knowing you have a signed form to start with.

5. Professionalism

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of hiring any contractor is professionalism, and this is something you can show in a number of ways.

The 2012 Digital Influence Index shows that as much as 89 per cent of customers use the internet to make purchasing decisions, so this is where you should start. Your website is often one of the first things a client sees of your business, so it should offer them an idea of what to expect from you and your company. Ensure that it offers plenty of information (such as reviews, examples, contact information), and is easy to navigate and attractive to look at.

Turning up when you say you will, tidy work uniforms, van and a professional attitude and demeanour will all give the customer more confidence in your business.


Quality painting materials

6. Quality tools and materials

Choose quality materials, paints and accessories that will make your handiwork look good and keep looking good.

Using high-quality materials can be a big selling point for new customers as it gives them assurance that you value quality and are not going to take short-cuts.

Quality painting materials

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