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4 ways to grow your business

From the Resene Trade blog

So you've set up your business, built up a great reputation, and have steady work coming in. The question usually comes down to: What's next?

Growing your business even further is the next natural step, and there are plenty of ways you can go about it.

Here are four different strategies you can take your trade business to the next level.

1. Expand into a new location

For a tradesperson, expanding to a new location is one of the most obvious ways to grow a business. Perhaps you've been working solely within an area of a city, or even citywide, but have the ability to branch out into new areas nearby.

To do this, you'll need to focus your marketing efforts into those places. Add plenty of content to your website about those areas and create a new page on your website for it specifically. Consider investing in Google Adwords so that your name comes up in searches, or even simply try a letterbox drop with an introductory deal to get your name out there and drum up some business. Naturally, you'll need the manpower to make it happen, so ensure you've got the skilled workers to meet demand once it happens.

2. Target a new audience

You won't necessarily need to physically branch out to reach new customers – potential new markets could be waiting right on your own doorstep.

Take a look at your current audience demographics. While it's likely there will be a mix of everything, perhaps it's currently largely families that are demanding your services. In that case, you could look at targeting businesses, schools, young professionals, or retirees. It's a good idea to start with research to find out which groups might best suit your products, then take steps to include them in your marketing campaigns or offer them special deals.

3. Add a new product or service

Whether it's a skill you already possess, something you can learn with a little extra education, or a new hire who brings additional skills to the table, you can't go wrong with giving your customers another reason to hire you.

If you're not sure where to start, you could set up a poll on your social media accounts or send one out in an email to your current customers to ask them what they think would be most useful.

4. Team up with another business

In the trades, it's likely that many of your customers are employing more than just one type of business at once. If they're remodelling their kitchen, they'll need everything from electricians to carpenters to painters and plumbers. That is why it can make real sense to buddy up with another local company.

You can both agree to feature one another on your websites and social media accounts, and refer customers onto one another whenever the opportunity arises. Perhaps you might offer deals when a customer hires both companies, or highlight how well you work together to help improve the results of a project

July 2018

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