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The importance of a clean and organised workspace...
including your work vehicle

From the Resene Trade blog

Most of us have had to work in less than perfect ‘home office’ spaces for at least parts of this year, ranging from perching at the breakfast bar, hunched over the dinner table or perhaps lounging on the couch trying to get admin stuff done. It’s surprising what you can put up working wise when you literally don’t have a choice.

One of the keys to it working well though is have things neat and orderly. It’s all too easy to let things in your life fall out of order. Whether that be forgetting your phone at home or losing track of time, it happens to everyone.

However, there are some instances where it is extremely important to be on your game. Why is this? Well, it helps to clear clutter, both literally and metaphorically, from your life.

Doing so will help your business to operate smoothly, saving both time and money. Here’s how:

You appear professional and experienced

A tidy workspace and van shows that you are professional, experienced and can handle the project a client gives you with ease. Knowing where everything is will show your client that you are comfortable in your profession, despite the years of experience you may or may not have under your belt.

Adecco, a staffing firm, conducted a study involving over 1,000 people which found that more than half (57 per cent) would judge their colleagues due to a messy desk. These are people that they encounter all the time at work, so imagine how much impact that could have on a client’s first impression of you if you showed up with a cluttered work van, or the impression you might make if you leave things lying around the project while you are on the job.

Taking care to keep things neat and tidy on the job shows the customer you care about their space and helps to ease their stress levels, as well as ensuring you don’t accidentally trip on a roller tray that a colleague has left in an odd spot.

It saves time

You can arrive punctually, having not spent time looking for all the necessary equipment you may have misplaced. Any tools you’ll need will be within arm’s reach, as you can easily locate exactly what you need. It’ll definitely save face when you don’t have to ask to borrow a pen!

The job at hand will also be completed more efficiently, if you can quickly flick to the exact paint colour your client has mentioned, or when you don’t need to trek out to your van multiple times for things you’d forgotten to bring in. Impressing clients with your efficiency can help to boost your reputation, which is something that only hard work can earn in business.

In a similar survey by OfficeMax, 77 per cent of the sample admitted that clutter impacts their productivity levels, while 90 per cent stated that it negatively impacted their life.

You’ll find that tidy work equipment also makes for a clear-headed workday, which helps you stay on top of your stock and supplies, so that you’re always well prepared. And if you can get on top of the clutter, your business reputation and work ethic will get a boost too.

June 2020

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